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    His attention was selective; he wasn’t sure what he needed to pay attention to, but he knew that there was something there that was out of place. He stared at the photograph for what felt like hours, it had only been seconds. His life depended on him not messing this one up. His fingers outlined the woman in the photograph; had he met her before?

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    “I love these flowers, what are they called mister Mitchell?” She was so inquisitive about so many things. Mitchell was having a hard time figuring out how he was going to keep up with her.
    “Daisies. Those are daisies.” He smiled at her. Lily was such a sweet kid.

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    The light of the screens reflected in his eyes. He watched over all of the videos simultaneously; he needed to know what happened. It was nice having security footage from so many angles, but it was also distracting. So much had happened in the short time, and one of the playing videos would tell him who it was…What it was…

  • Everything? Now that is quite problematic. There’s no way one could write about EVERYTHING that has ever existed. You could write about the things that exist now, typically in a singular topic, or historical things. You could even write about the future. But there’s no way you could write about the literal everything.

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    We look outside into the world and we tell ourselves that monsters don’t exist. Yet, in the same breath, we’ll yell the harshest of words to one another. We’ll chastise the homeless for being lazy. We’ll ignore the hungry. We’ll tell ourselves that there’s no evil in the world, and then become desensitized when we see a story about child abuse.…[Read more]

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    The forklift jutted forward as the man shifted the levers. He’d never driven on of these things in his life, but he was determined to figure it out if it mean getting out of the warehouse. The engine made a whirring sound as he shifted it again and the wheels spun. Well, at least he’d gotten the moving forward part down.

  • The screens lit up, one after the other. I stared at the images as they played out in front of me. What was I seeing? Why did it seem so wrong? I looked over each image and attempted to figure out what was being displayed. Restaurants. Markets. Schools. All of them were visuals that were being recorded by cameras throughout the city.