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    It was somber, almost, the mood in the air. The boisterous laughter and jeering turned to murmurs. A chill swept through the hall. The silhouette, outlined in light, was frozen like the rest of them.

    It couldn’t be. It simply couldn’t be.

    It wasn’t.

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    The trees were quiet. Solemn. Leaves rustled and shifted up there, far away. Here, down where the trunks were as wide as houses, the shade cast was an ever-present twilight. Here, things did not grow. They did not breathe. The forest, it seemed, was scared to live, here in the shadow of its vigilant watchers.

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    And then the crack, the break sounding sharp, scattering the whirls of smoke around the table like dust twisters across a dry, restless valley.

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    She had a cut lip running red, an eye swollen shut, spotted bruising all colors of the rainbow, and a smile wider than the Mississippi.

    He, on the other hand, didn’t look so good.

    Their stories varied — they often do, in these sorts of situations — but there was no question who swung first.

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    Have my cake and eat it, too,
    Eggs and flour and sugar and vanilla,
    Baking – powder? Soda? Powder.
    Cinnamon, maybe, and milk,
    all jumbled together,
    watch out for the shells-

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    It wasn’t so much the turn of the mouth as the look in the eye that gave it away, she thought as it approached. Monsters, miscreants, men — all wanted, but not all were willing to bargain honestly for their wants. It seemed, again, she had a dishonest buyer.

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    “She ain’t nothin’ but a low-down, crook’d-branch thief,” he said with a groan, holding the bloody towel to his head.
    “Yeah, but she sure got a smile to match,” he answered.

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    And then there’s that.
    The complaint, all too common these days –
    What good’s an education?
    Or, rather, what good’s an education if you don’t already got money?
    And if you already got money, got a future and a life and a job ahead of ya, all lined up like, what’s the point of it then?

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    there is no
    the quiet
    water and rock
    and fire combined
    in glass
    in cloud
    strength of thunder
    compressed into
    one bolt
    one image
    one being

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    It’s something you’ve always been told you were, like human or alive or quiet.
    But, see, people look at you as something otherworldly sometimes, like you don’t know how to fit in, how to do things the right way, so human’s kind of a loose-fitting word, and alive, alive, how do you define alive in a labyrinth of cubicles, in the prison of an…[Read more]

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    Gone’s a funny thing, isn’t it?
    You never quite know who’s gone,
    Whether it’s you or them;
    Always running,
    Never gone,
    Maybe always-
    Never fully here, anyways,
    Past, present, future
    All at once

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    It’s easy until it’s not.
    Until there’s something other than air filling your lungs, until it’s water or fire or pain, endless pain,
    and you can’t stop it, can’t even try
    it’s a release, at the end
    when you’re […]

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    God, fried chicken. You think it’d be easier to figure out how to make.
    It isn’t, it really isn’t, and looking up recipes is for suckers, of course, so you guesstimate and throw things together and hope for the […]

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    Ah. Um.
    Well, hello there, Muscles.
    Is it alright if I call you that?
    Sorry, I’ll just- ah, be over there.
    Working. With the barbells.

    So, supposing you like coffee…

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    I can never quite grasp it-
    and it’s ironic, this word, I’m always reaching for it, always trying harder, always stretching, just a bit further, just a bit more, to achieve-
    That’s not how it works, is it? Have […]

  • L commented on the post, salvation 7 years, 1 month ago

    It is.
    Only you can give it to yourself, apparently.
    That’s easy advice, yeah, thanks.
    The question is, how?
    How can you forgive?
    How can you forget?
    Your past, your mistakes-
    You can’t save […]