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    All natural, driven here by flurrying currents of a gas, the outline was clear for all to see, as if the grains of sand and tufts of grass had been stencilled onto the landscape in the shape of a potent phallus

  • the problem was bad enough, but the solution was unthinkable… nothing could be worth that level of sacrifice

  • If you are struggling to garner sufficient followers and really need to up your fan base, as long as age, gender and natural ability allow, facial hair is the solution (there are of course means to achieve facial hair beyond nature, but the prospect of angry disillusioned disciples baying for your flesh at the discovery of your deceit may counter…[Read more]

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    Many were the scars upon her knees… alot of folk in the area would cast judgement when she wore skirts and dresses, their minds filled with perversities and immoral behaviour; they didn’t know her past though, when she was younger, she lusted after the freedom gifted to her by a ride on a firm and reassuring companion, her motions enhanced by…[Read more]

  • This was the prank of the moment… stealth is one thing, but when you have technology on your side, you can really rock the boat!! Drones had been evolving for the last few years and were now at the stage where you could replicate insects without anyone knowing the difference. Instead of a sting, you could mount a minute squirt gun, spraying your…[Read more]

  • This was the ultimate act of stealth under the circumstance and required a great deal of sacrifice; the team were in position, submerged in all manner of indescribable filth. So far so good, as they advanced, like a predator, which though starving hungry, had the self restraint to keep things slow until the final moment. Unfortunately this mission…[Read more]

  • Shielded from the public eye, with the certainty that no-one could record his actions, Obama let out a bellowing cackle, that echoed violently around the room, despite some dissenters, no-one on this globe could escape his influence, NO-ONE!!! A foolish assumption, as slowly but surely, the cracks were expanding and the influence of the leaks…[Read more]

  • Warm and content, that was the current status of the beast in question, wrapped up against the harsh realities of the outside world, enveloped in the most carnal of warmths. Slippy Slippy slide slide

  • Most girls would want a kitten and delight in it’s fluffy antics, not knowing what a cunning and efficient predator it would become; Seline was however different, here delight came from her naked rat, with it’s wrinkled torso and the stigma attached with plague all those centuries ago.

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    God has moving parts, but no batteries. God has an innate energy no scientist has yet explained. God is in all of us, and is much smaller than the control mechanisms of popular religion would have you think… god is an atom and made the universe in its own orbital image.

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    Acres of warehouses were pregnant with memorial tat created by the demon seed of slave labour in the far flung reaches of the fallen empire, ready to line the pockets of the enterprising minds who saw this with acumen rather than the sentiment of a weak mind. Many were the souls who bought into it, ready for the joyous day and celebration when the…[Read more]

  • A world beater, his record still stood; and not some trivial achievement like eating the most sausages in a minute or stuffing the greatest quantity of slugs in your pants, no, Brian was once a great athlete, but now, time had claimed another victim and all the suppleness he once displayed was replaced with the contortions of arthritis.

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    Erica was all for liberty and liked to express herself with some fairly ‘artistic’ methods. She had practiced with stilts over the course of the last month for the protest today~ she had worn underwear whilst practicing though…

  • A beautiful disaster happened that day, the collision wreaked havoc on the frail structures of the truck and the tractor, their metal twisted like some sculpture signifying the destructive creation of the universe. The lorries load, a rich plethora of paints, was spilled across the tarmac, laying delicately like a butterfly sunning it’s wings.…[Read more]

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    All around the blossoms whirled on mischievous wisps of air, celebrating life and beauty, a veritable display of fertility and hope. The cat chased the petals, jumping, bouncing and diving to capture them, as if to harvest some of that life for herself, barren as she was, a victim of the surgeons knife.

  • Jerry had his own little spot, where he could just kick back and relax, away from prying eyes and the stresses of daily life as a mouse, secluded behind the skirting board~ even though Tom could smell him, he was safe here.

  • Forget the penguins for a moment, they are in the future, right now, there is a toxic sludge slowly gurgling forward from this cyber page, ready to engulf your consciousness… the penguins already suffered, but not before you read about it, or saw the pictures~ imagine the millions suffering, who’s pictures your government prevents you from seeing…

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    Here under the bedcovers, furry beast that I am, snuggled up in a ball, there is a certain cuteness~ like a cheeky chipmunk nestled in its burrow. The fact that I am a 260lb hitman does not easily segue into this tale, unless you consider the vast unseen underground, where predators lurk beyond the cute facade. Sweet dreams!!

  • Our perception only ever really takes in the present~ the stimulus of our immediate surroundings… a mumbling old man may once have been a skilled circus performer, a pioneering brain surgeon or an inventor of something that is now considered essential to daily life, but often as not, his ramblings will be taken with a pinch of salt as the…[Read more]

  • Never mind about the children, they were already damaged~ abused before they came here… calling it a care home was more along the lines of ‘being taken care of’… now they could serve their country, by being photographed in compromising positions with distinguished gentlemen, giving the political leverage necessary to ensure the wheels of the…[Read more]