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    He plays at night.
    His violin sings to the moon.
    The gondolas rowing smoothly stop to listen.
    The water ripples when the notes reach it…they are strong.
    His bow stings the strings and his fingers fly.

  • Spinning.
    Out of control…
    Lost in the world, singing in the rain…
    Changing my mind…

  • My head reels. I throw another pillow in Lucy’s direction. Her shrieking giggles echo in my head. It’s a little too late for this, and we’re both past breaking point. I am giddy. I think we had too many skittles. :)

  • The howls pierce the night. Jadon struggles to keep from screaming aloud…the moon glares at him with white fury and his heart thuds in his chest, threatening to burst from his ribs. The world spins as teeth sing into his back, and the moon fades from his sight.