• At the forefront of my mind is
    The Question.
    What will the answer be
    When I finally find the courage to speak
    It for the Universe,
    And not merely my mind?
    A Word sounded out across
    The tongue and off the lips is born,
    And even in death is remembered.

  • I am tired of all the Women
    Stuffed into fridges
    (head in the freezer when there’s no room)
    For the sake of a man’s pain and plot.
    Give me all the Girls fighting back
    (Give me queens of love and war and both)
    No more cheap trick sacrifice
    To justify moving the story along.

  • The Birth of a Character

    I watched as people traveled
    Through the crowd.
    Writer-voyeur as I
    Gleaned lives from quick
    Glaces.Tracking with magpie eyes
    Targets changing at whim
    To quilt together a whole person.

  • I have nothing…
    nada, can’t think of anything to write
    I don’t like this word

  • Ladywolfrider commented on the post, slip 5 years, 11 months ago

    The Vase You Gave Me

    Through the cracks
    Slips the water, drips the water.
    This vase is of no use
    Anymore.The dying flowers die quicker.
    What does that say about me
    And the gaps that opened up in me
    When you left me behind with
    The sound of shattering in my ear.

  • Poetry and Politics

    From the stage I see a glint
    Of sun on metal.
    From the window high
    Watches the man with a gun.
    No to simple a word, not gun,
    But death in another body,
    No still not right, maybe I have
    No words. Here I am about
    To die and I am debating words.

  • Down we go into the trenches
    There is no hope left there,
    Only dirt and blood and the eerie silence
    That curls around us all, a shadowy lover waiting
    Until the next crack of a shot frees a man’s soul.

  • This Stone Man is No Ozymandias

    Colossus ever standing his duty never done,
    (for no one will ever come)
    None to relieve him of his watch.
    His eyes have long been glazed by moss and wind and sleep denied
    His mouth a petulant angle yet to be worn away by time,
    Yet still he watches for those who might come
    ( they will ever come)

  • She wanted me to write her a poem made of love and stardust.
    I told her it would only be rust and bone dust, because
    I didn’t love her once she handed me money for my soul.

  • The column of you spine
    Will hold you up for millenia, but
    The walls of your heart are weak and without support,
    They will fall at the first blow
    And all that will be left are ruins.

  • I stare at the monitor ungrasping
    Of what I see in front of me. Why is is I can pour my heart and soul
    Into a poem and the person who list the colors of the rainbow
    Or how they cut all with bad grammer and […]

  • Ladywolfrider commented on the post, insect 7 years, 6 months ago

    You are but an insect beneath my heel,
    I care not for your buzzing in my ear beyond the moment
    It takes me to wave you away. I despise
    You less than I am indiffrent to your attempts at seducion
    And false […]

  • I need to be more outgoing.
    In the literal sense of the word…
    As in going out. I’m too much of a homebody
    Lazing away and writing about things I’ve
    Never known. Wonder what I would write
    About if I saw more […]

  • I can’t write in shorthand and all
    My early teachers despaired at my futile attempts at cursive.
    My print was such that caused curses
    (and attachment of curxive practice sheets to returned work)
    And my […]

  • Tasting the sin of her lips
    I felt a hint of the fire that awaited me
    After our petit mort for surely that
    Death will not be so small and I will truely
    End for no mortal is meant to sip from
    The god’s […]

  • Ladywolfrider commented on the post, slight 7 years, 7 months ago

    A slight slip of a girl running down the sidewalk
    Twisting her lithe body between the crowds
    Just going along never hitting a soul as she fliters
    In and out of my sight from where I sit at the small cafe.
    I […]

  • From behind her sunglasses she watches the crowd
    Searching for her next victom with ruthless intent.
    Ah! There, the unsuspecting man.
    Bare feet pound the sand in near silence,
    Until, she leaps, giving a a […]

  • We wrote about earrings already.
    Somebody messed up.

  • I hear a bell like chime dancing.
    Seeking its source I see you
    Waiting tables for nicles and dimes.
    I’m draw to the curve of your ear
    And the Wind chime earring
    Hanging there ringing in the breeze
    Of you […]

  • Ladywolfrider commented on the post, bitten 7 years, 8 months ago

    Her bitten red lips
    Look more tempting than any snake
    Favored apple as cliche and worn as
    It sounds. The white of her skin is
    That of a thousand stories’s description
    Of snow and lovely purity,
    And the […]