• Sitting precariously on the window sill in the library, Matt was intently watching the raindrops fall, thinking of how to approach Amelia. He had seen her several times in the hallway, and she had immediately caught his eye. Most of the other girls, over-bubbly with nothing worthwhile to say. But she was different, he couldn’t put his finger on…[Read more]

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    Julius’s eyes grew weary. The team had been gone for almost four hours, and he had been left behind to watch the base. He had protested, but Marie insisted to keep guard against the wretched beasts. They should have been back by now, Victor and the others. “If it were just Marie who came back alive, it’d be alright,” he thought, feeling a bit…[Read more]

  • It was an ordinary day for the Fredrick household until the dreaded salesman came. He lurked down the street with an attache case, looming at a height of at least six feet. His hair was greased to the sides, shining an oily and sinister black. But the worst part was his glasses, which reflected the sunlight, making it seem like his eyes were only…[Read more]

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    She gazed out at the ocean, clutching one of the hottest new romance novels. She sighed deeply, watching the clouds tumble. She didn’t care for this kind of stuff, she just wanted a husband. She was already thirty four and her love life… well, was empty at the moment. She thought about all her other friends, especially Tracy who invited her to…[Read more]

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    The wall stood, looming over the city with a powerful menace. It’s job was to make sure no one came in, but more importantly it made that no one came out. On the first couple of days, where the people tried all their might to tear it down, they realized their efforts were futile. This imprisoning wall was built hundreds of feet tall, all out of…[Read more]

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    He put down the knife slowly on the table. He took a sigh and looked at the dead body in front of him. Clark had did it, he committed murder. Panic raced through his mind, “I’m a killer, I ended another’s life.” Panic was then replaced with remorse, for he soon realized that the lifeless man in front of him, the former Stan Ericson, was not the…[Read more]

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    There are many different sorts of systems throughout the world, whether they’re ecosystems which reflect nature itself or social class systems that divide the population and it’s people. Systems are a large part of human society, for without systems we would be less organized with government, organization, and many other fields.