• I couldn’t help but feel the winter beckon,” You are dismissed.” Through an eerie mist, quite convinced, I spent the evening waiting for spring. But it never came, and suddenly I was alone again.

  • I alight to my place on the stage and begin the demonstration. The crowds are wild to see what I will do; I begin and when it is over, I laugh and disappear like some flittering hummingbird whose fair feathers she […]

  • What do we all aim to be? What is a profession, and who in a profession is truly a professional? Does recognition define how great we are? Are we but at the mercy of our external selves?

  • Jillian Hadley commented on the post, sweat 7 years, 7 months ago

    Ah, sweat, the inevitable companion of athletes and fat kids in gym class alike. It stinks, but so does everything done without a little bit of it. Here’s to sweat, the sign of a job well done!