• The day was ending, and still we fought over bloodstained ground and tripped over bodies. Darkness fell, but we could not be stilled. We believed too strongly in what we knew was right, and until we fell we would continue on into the night.

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    Dusk falls, slowly, draping the world in purple shadows. Slowly, they creep over the valley until all is covered in darkness yet again.

  • Repressed, the memories of a lifetime ago. I was young, I know. I was happy, I think. I know not the details, and so long as I don’t know what I no longer have, I cannot mourn its loss. Yet I am unhappy, dissatisfied.

  • I stood there, scepter in hand. I stared at the people before me as they all dropped to their knees and bent their heads to the floor. My father’s death had changed everything. He perished, and I, his daughter, rose to take his place.

  • Striped shadows cast by the prison bars upon the floor just inches away… I see them daily, a representation of all that was taken from me.

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    Harm thee not
    I pray
    A child whose heart so full of song
    Does sing
    And not
    I ask
    Another who’s voice cannot burst forth
    With song

  • Minus twelve degrees. Windchill of negative forty-four. Ohhhhh yeah. Time to go out for ice cream. Record broken.

  • The hound dog kept his nose low to the ground as he ran through the forest, slipping over and under logs. I could hardly keep up with him. We were definitely on the cougar’s trail. I just wondered what would happen if it saw us before we saw it.

  • She stared at the statistics. They didn’t match up. Somehow, their revenue didn’t quite make up for their exorbitant expenditures. “What does he expect me to do,” she wonders, “start killing off our creditors?” Then it dawned on her. She was a trained assassin. Of course that’s what he wanted her to do.

  • We can’t see him. Jared looks at me sadly. “I’m sorry,” he says. Then he stands up. A shot rings through the air, and he falls over, dead. I cry out and then put the rifle to my shoulder. Now I know where the sniper is.