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    It was strange, she thought, to imagine distant planets, in other galaxies, which neither knew nor cared about her existence in the slightest. Planets with fields of graphite which would write on her feet as she […]

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    I thought that if i extracted myself from you i would feel free, and I was right, i guess. I thought that if i went to him and i saw him that he would kiss me, but he did not. I want to be honest with both of you, […]

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    I moved through the water until it was up to my calves, and i saw your eyes looking up at me as though through glass. I felt your palms on my shins, warm and soft and then searing hot, and they glowed bright bright bright when you removed your skin from mine. Your hair was […]

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    It was never my policy to trust, but something about the way his smile curled slightly more to the right than left, the way his hair swept into his eyes in just the wrong way, made me believe him against my better judgment. He lay in my bed, and the music in his eyes compelled […]

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    She blinked and opened her mouth to stutter out notes that poured from her lips in colors like lollypops and wrapped around his skull. He breathed it in and felt truth in the music and so he believed her. Her eyes grew wide and they shone multifaceted, refracting the light from the room back into […]

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    He jumped from the cliff and his dark green flannel shirt whipped around his eyes because he raised his arms and it looked like a cape, or bat’s wings. I could not see his eyes from where I was standing on the rocks nearby, a little ways away, a little across the water, but I […]

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    He smiles and lifts his cup and the light on the glass makes fragments of stars shine on his face and his hands. He smiles and I smile and i raise up mine, too. “Cheers,” and i tilt back my head and pour the coppery liquid down my throat. He smiles again and i notice […]

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    I bite my lip and feel his eyes on me as my skin begins to burn bright, bright red. His hands are blue and purple and white and i feel them cold and warm all at once as he presses his fingers to that space at the base of my skull on the back of […]

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    She said it killed her when she kissed him but i still see her breathing so I think that was a lie. She said I’m sorry a million times but she ran off when I tried to talk so i think that was a lie, too. She said we’re bestfriends, and she said I’ll never […]

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    He ducks behind the convenience store into where there’s light and he fumbles through his pocket for his brand new pack of Camel Filters. He pulls one out and sticks it in between his lips and closes his eyes as he lights it up and pulls the familiar thickness into his lungs. It is harsh […]

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    She sits upstairs on her stool and paints pretty pictures of pretty fields at sunset. Her daddy screams from downstairs and throws the dishes up against the door and she smiles in her room and paints the sun with swirls of red and yellow, like warmth. She smiles pale pink cotton candy lips and downstairs […]

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    There’s something in your walk and I don’t know what it is but I know that tendrils of roots and leaves are wrapped around my ankles keeping me from running from you. You smile and it’s crooked and ever so inviting and my hands are wrapped around your neck and it’s warm and electric. I […]

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    The smoke crept from my mouth in tendrils and I felt it coming to wrap around my neck like your hands around my chin. You looked at me and I think I saw someone else because I felt things I didn’t know I could feel for a stranger. But his eyes looked at me through […]

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    He said look up at the stars because they’re all you can ever be certain of, and i said what about you? He looked at me and smiled and i saw stars in his eyes and i believed he meant those, too. He said listen to that music blaring from your speakers because it’s the […]

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    I hear you spend your days in sweatpants watching the turned-off television screen. I bet you can see the pictures behind your eyes and they’re a thousand times more beautiful than anything you’d see if you pressed the power button on the remote control. You always did have that creative eye. I hear you’re hibernating […]

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    We never fought until the end. I guess that’s now i knew it was the end, when you still made my hands burn but not in the good way anymore. Well, sometimes in the good way. Your eyes did that thing they do when you’re fighting against something in your head. I know your secrets. […]

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    You are the greatest actor of our generation. Tell me, where did you learn to get the muscle movements just right? Twitch your eye at just the right moment and curl your lips up in just that way you do. It used to send a tingle down my spine and you fooled even me, and […]

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    They were stars but they felt like eyes and streetlights that felt like spotlights. I looked at you and my eyes were wide and i knew all the constellations were staring and i wanted them to blink out, look away, so i could wander off into the dark in peace. “I’m sorry. I don’t want […]

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    His teeth glisten under the glow of the streetlight and I’ve never noticed how nice his smile I’d before today. I am a little intoxicated and he is smiling and I know we are just best friends but I also know that I have heard that before. He laughs and I laugh because he is […]

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    We always used to joke you had fangs and I guess I made fun of you for it but really I thought all of you was beautiful. You smiled and your lips stretched over your teeth and it’s been a few years but I still smile when I think about your smile. I thought I […]