• Justin commented on the post, hundred 6 years, 11 months ago

    There are a hundred ways to love you, and a hundred more to leave you. But of all the hundred ways I can do it, you never cease to amaze me with your beauty, my love. All the world’s a stage, and we are merely […]

  • Justin commented on the post, blindness 7 years ago

    When you’re blind, you can’t see.
    That’s what they told me.
    I didn’t want to see.
    Seeing is believing, but I don’t believe.
    Sight can be deceived.
    That’s why I don’t rely on sight.
    I never rely on […]

  • Justin commented on the post, asthma 7 years ago

    Jim Gordon is an asthmatic man. He also shares his name with the Commissioner, Jim Gordon. That Gordon isn’t afflicted with asthma, not like our Jim Gordon. There’re a lot of differences between the two Gordons. […]

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    Two towers in the skyline adjacent to some clouds, touching the sky as I move past ever so quickly. It’s like New York before 2001 except these two towers are all there is to see in the sky. No other features line […]

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    A day-time spa rarely gets the people it should get in this part of town. It’s not a profitable business model, at least not here. It’s just that people don’t really like to go to spas; they prefer the hustle and […]

  • Justin commented on the post, flex 7 years ago

    Flexing is what you do with your muscles, yes? Muscles are made of meat.
    You know what else is made of meat? You. Me. Everyone you love. They’re all meat.
    Meat rots. Everyone you love is made of meat and they […]

  • Justin commented on the post, stillness 7 years ago

    There is a stillness within me, inside of my heart. You’re gone now, that much is true. I’m empty. I hold this bottle of whiskey; my newest and dearest friend. I’ve got nothing else to live for. No, it’s not […]

  • Justin commented on the post, whether 7 years ago

    Is there anybody going to listen to my story? I don’t think so. Whether or not-

    There. I used whether. The Treasury is a bank of the fiscal holders. The birds in the trees sing softly about the coming eclipse. […]

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    Sustainable Engineering is a concept that deals with Engineering concepts that can be sustained for long periods of time, ideally, indefinitely. We’re talking about innovations that can stand on its own, and even […]

  • Justin commented on the post, miracle 7 years ago

    It’s a miracle you’re still alive, Leonor. After what happened: the fire, the gangs and everything else, it’s a miracle you’re still here. How did you even get here? I didn’t think you could’ve made it. Especially […]

  • Justin commented on the post, covered 7 years ago

    “I got this covered,” she told me. She was amazing. She was a rainbow. She was a storm and a hurricane and I was a drizzle and she was rain. I couldn’t believe it. I’m speechless whenever I think of her. Words […]

  • Justin commented on the post, texture 7 years ago

    The texture of my hands has never been that much appealing to me. It’s weird. It’s neither rough, nor smooth. It’s not like I don’t do anything, or I do too many things. It’s just weird. My hands. They feel weird. […]

  • Justin commented on the post, darlings 7 years ago

    All the pretty darlings
    Went up to the same room
    Question everything
    “But Hark!” Said the Treasurer,
    “The Minister of Finance is apt.”
    There is no gold for a self-serving currency

    All the pretty darlings […]

  • Justin commented on the post, magazines 7 years ago

    I’m procrastinating again. Instead of doing my report, I’m here reading some magazines. The magazines don’t even make sense. It’s about this new teen sensation or something, I don’t know. All I know is that it’s […]

  • Justin commented on the post, refuse 7 years ago

    “I refuse.”
    I told him again, “No. I’m not going to do this.” and I had the right, I said. It was simply too much. I’m drawing the line. I’m refusing. Besides, I can refuse all I want.
    That was the last […]

  • Justin commented on the post, carbon 7 years ago

    I’ve made this new synthetic carbon fibre suit last night. Finally finished it after months of work. I’m proud of it, of course. I think I watch too much Batman these days – I mean, a carbon fibre suit? Next, I’m […]

  • Justin commented on the post, chain 7 years ago

    I found a chain today. It’s a heavy lead one, hanging by a tree outside my house. I took it in. I don’t know why. I guess I just liked it. Right now it’s sitting on the table and I’m looking at it and I don’t know […]