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    Stay, pup. Just stay here and be safe.
    No. Instead of that, I’ll go and enjoy myself. I’ll go be free while I can, and if I get hurt…. well. The worst that will happen is hurting the others. But I can’t stay. I won’t stay. I’m tired. I’m in pain. We’ll fight for this and win it by trial and error, and it will hurt, but we will do it anyway.

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    “He’s deranged,” I said, as I closed the curtain. The man was raving behind it, railing away at invisible enemies. “I’m sorry. I can’t help him. We’ll just have to keep him calm.” It was tough being a doctor in the post-cataclysm, especially without any real training.

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    I was seated in the passenger side next to him, watching the wind ruffle his black curly hair as he drove. The sun was hot but it was a gorgeous drive through the dark green mountains. The experience of a first trip with someone I loved was amazing… even though it left my boyfriend at home.

    Sometimes I feel like I should be found out.

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    The timeline is never ready in time. It’s always off by just a little, just enough for us to get upset and frustrated when things don’t work out well. I’m so tired of this, let me run away, let me run away, let me run away, let me run let me please. I’m tired of following this timeline into perfection.

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    I want you, he whispered into my ear. He was hot, heavy, on top of me, an illicit lover in my bed. His hair was light against my husband’s pillow.
    I pulled him closer and kissed him. Words were useless now.

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    It was a statement of fact, but she was the only one who knew it. The others stared at her for a moment, wondering why she would even bother to voice her opinion, then moved on with their discussion. She shouldn’t […]

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    I held him, the holder, in my arms. He was finally broken, the one who had clutched me to his chest and kept me safe, and now it was my turn. To heal him, to protect him, to save him from the mess of the world and […]

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    The sonar pinged in my ears. Bats. I could hear them, and it was strange. I knew something was wrong then, when the TV noise overwhelmed me, the dog’s whining, and still the bats squeaked outside in the dusk, […]

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    The decorations hung limp on the browning tree. It was March now, and we had been waiting for him to come back to open the presents. He still hadn’t come back, and the tree was sagging under the weight of the […]

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    The bandages were tight around his chest, and stained brown with dried blood. They were too tight, but hey, it was better than dying. He breathed in, slowly, seeing how far he could go. The light was dim and the […]

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    The railroad stretched on forever, it seemed, past the horizon into the setting sun. I sighed as he got onto the train, as he stopped to wave back at my lackluster hand flap. He was going away forever, going where […]

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    She threw the seeds haphazardly on the hot dusty soil, cursing her mother. “Dammit, I don’t want to do this! They’ll never grow anyway.” She kicked at a clod of offending dirt and threw more seeds out of the bag […]

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    For example, she said, whisking her hair to the side. “I say you’re an idiot. You say you’re not. This is an example of a “disagreement. As is this”
    She drew her fist back and punched him in the mouth. His tooth nicked her flesh and opened her knuckle a bit.
    That’s for yesterday, scumbag.

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    he invented the wheel, she invented the hair dryer. why are you so mechanical, mister? i have better things to do than play with my hair. fiddle around in your garage, why don’t you, yeah, and then i’m stuck inside waiting to be let out. Men but didn’t we women invent them to be this […]