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    its beginning to look a lot like christmas…

  • you are positively amazing. you make my days happy. you are wonderful in every sense of the word. you make me laugh when all i wanna do is cry. you accept me on my worst days. you dont mind if i dont want to talk, but you stay in case i need someone to listen […]

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    tires get us places. sure the engine, steering wheel, the metal frame and all those other things help. but the tires are the building blocks. yay tires =]

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    i never understood why people wanted to be kissed in the rain. first of all, whats so romantic about it? and second what if it started to downpour? it will have gone from “romantic” to being drenched in 2 seconds and not being able to see the person in front of you.

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    Automatic Systematic full of color self contained tuned and gentle to your vibes captivating Stimulating she’s such a sexy lady filled with space age design she’s moving she’s grooving dancing until the music stops now rythemetic acrobatic she a dynamite attraction at the drop of a coin she comes alive, yeah she knows what she’s […]

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    What are free radicals? Because i always thought that radical was something that surfers said and surfers seem pretty cool and chill. So wouldn’t radical be a good word? But free radicals are bad right? I AM SO CONFUSED.

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    Relate. Such a simple word. But does it simply mean to get along, or to have the same interests? Could it mean something more? Of course anyone can go to a dictionary and look up the definition, but really, what does it mean?

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    She looked out upon her kingdom. How funny to think that. Her Castle. Could it only have been a fortnight ago that he passed? It seemed like 3 years. Nothing seemed as happy, she thought looking out the castle window as she walked along the corridors..

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    Scout, Jem, and I went to the lightpost close to the Radley place. I want to get Boo Radley out of the shouse to see if the rumors are true, but Jem is being a scardey cat.