• Your elegance consumes me
    Your words–they drip with pleasure
    Pleasure for you
    Poison for me
    Your elegance will be my downfall
    Your words they poison me

  • Never take for granted what you have
    Never let the pain of today destroy the good in tomorrow
    Never let your light flicker out
    Burn bright until the day you die

  • I witnessed the most horrific thing
    A mother walked through the hospital wing
    She carried with her a teddy bear
    Held it with the utmost care
    She cried her tears
    And screamed her fears
    “God don’t let her go!
    I need my daughter more than you know!
    I want to hold her in my arms once more
    And see her play with this toy on the floor.
    Have…[Read more]

  • untamedimagination commented on the post, demonstrate 6 years ago

    demonstrate your fate
    don’t try to clean your slate
    its all over now
    you’ve fallen under the plow

  • untamedimagination commented on the post, offset 6 years ago

    Something isn’t right
    I’m not all there
    It’s not that I’m bad
    But it’s that I don’t care
    I’m running a race
    I know I can’t win
    If there’s no point in running
    Why do I continue in this sin
    It’s a little conflicting, and very cotradicting
    I’m losing a battle that is already lost
    Just waiting to see how much it will cost

  • My entirety made up of fantasy. I do not dwell in reality, but instead surpass all normality.

  • When all is said and done
    The trumpets sound and I have won
    It is no matter what you may think
    For the only thing that matters is I, the mink
    Your stupid games were no match for me
    And now I’ll spend my days lost out at sea
    None of it matters now
    And I’m happy somehow
    For all of the absurdity has all gone away
    It’s the end of the world,…[Read more]

  • I’m selling my soul
    I watch as the dice roll
    What will be my fate
    I can hardly wait
    When the dice stop
    One number will be on top
    That will decide my lot
    And then my soul will be bought
    Who the unfortunate buyer is I don’t know
    Whoever they are, their life will be full of woe
    I am no priest
    I am a beast
    So you better not buy my soul
    Or…[Read more]

  • He pines for her night and day
    She wishes he would go away
    There’s really nothing she can say
    To get him to leave her and go away

  • Is it lunacy? Or is it reality?
    Am I insane? Or is this normality?
    I can’t tell if I’m asleep or awake
    If this is a nightmare, then its more than I can take
    Tears of blood seep from my eyes
    Stains of dirt cover my thighs
    I cannot stop, I cannot rest
    This is a most dreadful test

  • The festive halls have long since faded away
    The fancy shirts with collars do not see the light of day
    The world is drab and the sky is gray

  • His big blue eyes like unending skies,
    his quirky smile will be my demise,
    whenever I pass by him in the hall
    I can’t control my laughter at all
    He knows not whether I love him or mock
    His eyes wrinkle up as he walks
    And when I pass by I do the same
    I squint at him too without any shame
    His cheeks turn bright red
    As red as the fiery hair…[Read more]

  • It felt so real,
    It seemed so true
    It was just a dream
    A fading memory of you
    In my sleep last night I saw your eyes
    You spoke words of comfort to me
    You told me no lies
    It was as if time had reversed
    I was in bliss once more
    Then I awoke and cursed
    You seemed so vivid before you disappeared
    Like a mirage you never really were there
    I…[Read more]

  • You’ve transmitted your fatal disease into my into my heart, into my blood
    I lay like a fallen soldier on the ground, in the mud
    You’ve poisoned my soul and tortured my mind
    When you feel a knife in your gut, here’s what you’ll find
    I’ll be standing over you looking on with victory
    Oh isn’t life so contradictory?

  • Seldom do I ever question my ability. Seldom do I wonder if I shall be able to finish what I’ve started. This time it’s different. This time for once I’ve started a war that I may not be equipped to fight. Regardless if I have any hope, I must move on. I’ll fight to the death because surrender isn’t an option for me. I refuse to back down.

  • The complexity overwhelms of this longing drags me down with it. It seems so simple, yet it’s still out of reach.. I know where I want to be, and I know where I am is making me miserable. And even still I can’t seem to leave this hateful place.

  • You’re aura overwhelms, taking my mind, stealing my soul. A sidelong glance from you and I’m falling head over heels. A simple hello and it’s like ecstasy. Electric sparks up my spine, you’re simply divine.

  • My appetite for flesh never ceasing. My hunger for revenge never satisfied. Always hunting for fresh blood, my greed is ravenous. I will search and destroy you piece by piece until nothing remains. You can’t escape my grasp, I’ll keep reaching until I’ve got you where I want you. I’ll rip your heart out of your chest, what a bloody mess. My God,…[Read more]

  • High strung
    So young
    Head uplifted
    From all things restrained I have drifted
    Wild and free
    It’s all meant to be
    There are no mistakes
    No need for breaks
    Flying at the speed of light
    I’ll live life reckless, that’s right

  • Your words, your feelings, and your actions paint a story. The story is of your life. A narrative of all that is and all that will ever be. You can decide which colors to use and how much of each. In this narrative of life, you have all you need to succeed.