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    My body is a temple, and sometimes that temple wants cheesecake. I forget who said that, it’s someone from ANTM I think. In any cause ,I feel that way right now, except that I don’t want cheesecake. I want chinese. I want just all kinds of delicious, but horrible food to quiet this hunger that […]

  • Centerpieces. I might have to be thinking about them pretty soon, as Formals come up and I have to be the centerpiece at one of them, at least to a point. But what should be the centerpiece of my focus right now, is not that Chrome isn’t saying that centerpiece is a correct word, but […]

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    Bring me that horizon. That’s from Pirates of the Caribbean. There’s also a John Mayer song that comes to mind… Something about being stranded, unable to fly. Bigger Than My Body: “I’m stranded behind the horizon line, trying to feel something true…. Someday I’ll fly, someday I’ll soar. Someday I’ll be so damn much more.” […]

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    Horses. Well, I’m definitely not writing about horses in my English paper right now. However, I will be discussing horses — or at least one horse in particular, in my next one. There is something quite nice about horses, the way that they can stand so majestically, with their long necks and long faces and […]

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    What is stunning about the world today? How about the way that the snow is melting ever so slightly, so that it’s still the illusion of a winter wonderland, just without the cold? It’s the stunning, loveliness of being able to walk outside and enjoy the view of snow quietly blanketing everything, without feeling miserable […]

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    Flaring of tempers, voices amplified by the very passion of emotions scrawled across their faces. The argument started, as so many do, with something petty, unimportant. It was a misunderstanding: a miscommunication. There wasn’t much to do, now, except to wait it out and hope for the best.

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    Ugh, abstracts. You’d think I would read them more often, or think about abstractness more often, considering I’m an arts student: an English student, at that. Why would they even call it an “abstract” anyway? An abstract is something against the norm, something considered unconventional; not the summary for an essay or article which, quite […]

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    Crunchy leaves underfoot, squirrels running round before the last days before they hibernate wear away. I walk from campus to 89th ave and 110th street, but even across 111th the world seems entirely separate. Even though the campus buildings are visible from the Alpha Gam house, it’s like I’m a mile away instead of a […]

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    I wish I could have more compassion for people around me. I feel like I am very detached from others and when I try to help people or give them advice, I can’t bring myself to do it because I don’t know how to be compassionate. I might be thinking of sympathy. Either way, I […]

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    Driving is something that I still cannot do. It’s on my list of “priorities,” rather than my list of priorities. I don’t think I really want to drive. Some people see it as freeing, and I can understand that, but I can’t bring myself to see it that way. Driving is another responsibility that I […]

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    What level are we on as friends? You never really know with you. Why are you so cryptic? When did we pass the level beyond “I know you and you know me by name, so we’re like acquaintances now”? When did we become hugging friends? When will you make it obvious, what level we are […]

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    oh, to have wings, and be able to fly. great, extra limbs of freedom, fluffy and bright, or even sandy, ashen, coal-like and soft.
    wings like on birds.
    wings like on hippogryffs, pegases, other creatures of flight, creatures of fantasy.

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    muse is as fleeting as a butterfly as charming as a robin’s song and previous as the clearest diamond to writers, at least and artists, and musicians any artisan looking to create work they can be proud of to them, muse is what they call inspiration muse starts and ends with the desire to create […]

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    Wow, how appropriate on Wednesday night. It’s thursday now though. I have a whole other week left before I can go to band together, to make beautiful sounds to mix with other beautiful sounds in even the crappiest of rooms, to make the very air taste delicious, and feel splendid, and look happier. I have […]

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    FLASH. CRASH. BANG. Whimper. Oh, poor baby, what’s the matter? You don’t like the sounds and the lights? But what about the sunshine and the people? The cars and trucks and buses that pass by everyday? You never seem bothered by that. Perhaps it’s the suddenness that you don’t like. I know that sudden changes […]