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    As you get older it becomes more and more irresponsible to fixate on your own respective level of purity. Purity is often traded for knowledge and wisdom, and as we grow in knowledge and intellect our naivety fades away and we see the world around and ourselves in a much more accurate light. That is why children are seen as pure, they have a fresh…[Read more]

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    She was the toughest person to talk with about what he thought about her. She was able to absorb his words and thoughts so effortlessly and she seemed so impervious to them. On the best of days he might get a quick glance or a grin from her, but most days it was simply an emoji or an affirmation that she was flattered or appreciative.

    He hoped…[Read more]

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    A plot is important, but what matters more is the tone of the story. The plot is simply the statement of the events in an order and fashion that best suits the telling of the story. The tone however establishes how you meant to feel. A great plot means nothing if the events laid out therein do not carry any weight for you. Million Dollar Baby had…[Read more]

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    Ever step back and wonder what it would be like to accidentally meet someone you know at a market. Someone you only know in only within a particular context, like coworker or classmate. People are always different when you find them outside the elements in which they have built the image you have of them.

    Sometimes I wonder if I ever bumped…[Read more]

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    Should logic always dictate your actions? Some would argue yes and some would argue no. I think it comes down to what is most important to you. If you crave the destination then let logic be your guide. If the journey is what matters most then ignore what you should logically do. You can take the freeway and get there, or you can take the scenic…[Read more]

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    It was surreal to finally not just understand what she must have been going through when we met, but to experience it for myself. When she first told me about her state mind at the time I understood what she meant, but I did not understand how it felt.

    I had imagined the lack of fear and the perpetual numbness to at least be liberating to a…[Read more]

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    She insults me lightly and only when I do something or say something that cracks open her typically stoic and demeanor and forces her to grin or blush. “Idiot”, “Dummy”, “Dork” etc. They might as well be kisses on the cheek.

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    I have always wanted to visit one of those stereotypical parking lot locations on a cliff overlooking the skyline of a nearby city, where the young and restless teens go to make out with each other. I never been to one though.

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    A beautiful day sailing in the sun with a gentle breeze to keep us cool and keep the boat moving. We start to joke around and she pushes me off the boat. While in the water a shark attacks me, a small shark so not too much damage is done, but the little bastard makes off with my swim trunks. She helps me back aboard only to find out I’m butt naked.

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    I once saw a fat man at the airport get out of his chair, walk over to a cement pillar, and then turn around to scrape his back against the corner of the pillar to scratch an itch he was not flexible enough to reach. Like a bear.

    Were just a bunch of animals walking around with an inflated sense of intelligence.

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    I think the best movie sequels are the ones that did not have to be made and instead were only made when the writer/director had an idea that was good enough to follow up to an already good story. Some examples of good sequels that were not required were Aliens (sequel to Alien). Terminator 2 (sequel to Terminator). The Empire Strikes Back (some…[Read more]

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    My heaven was helping her climb out of her hell. Now, as I watch her climb past me and onward towards the rest of her life I glance back at where we both came from and I think back to the beginning. Two strangers on the edge of a precipice, both equally shocked at who they had found in the darkness. I knew then that nobody that beautiful belonged…[Read more]

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    A “rumble” is something that only existed back when street gangs still had the guts for real criminal violence. You never hear about true gang fights anymore because everyone just shoots each other when they aren’t looking. The average thug nowadays doesn’t have the stomach for hand to hand combat so soccer hooligans have cornered the market on…[Read more]

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    edits backwards spells “stide” which is not a word, yet. I am going to declare that stide is now a word and stands for the process of going back over written materials and adding errors, pointless fluff, or otherwise unwelcome or unnecessary additions that make the material harder to read and less helpful.

    Example: “The teacher is going to…[Read more]

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    If you want to be crafty, make sure that you can be crafty with a smile on your face, because craftiness without happiness is just sneakiness.

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    The panel convened for several minutes as I awaited their decision with baited breath. After their deliberation the tall faceless one in robes approached the podium and spoke. “You have made a strong case for justifying the life you have lived which led you to us. However, your fate is decided. You will not be waking from this coma, your time upon…[Read more]

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    “Damn it Atrium” said Ventricle. “You’re passing me the blood too slowly!”

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    A quick dash of this spice and a pinch of that spice and another 20 minutes in the oven to soak up the sauce. AAAAND BAM! I’ve ruined it, because I can’t cook.

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    The center, the central place of origin, the place from which the heat of life radiates. The sun, center of the solar system. The core, center of the planet. The heart, center of the human. The nucleolus, center of the cell. The nucleus, center of the atom. Can things even exist in the natural world without a center?

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    A Railroad. A path of wood and steel that we constructed to guide the most powerful form of ground transportation that we have. The very nature of a railroad is based on predestination. Railroad tracks only go one direction at at time, and only forward or back. There is no freedom to a train’s mobility. Once moving however, trains become nigh…[Read more]