• NuSol commented on the post, stunt 1 year, 11 months ago

    It began as just a way to get attention.
    To bury oneself in shock and awe.
    To finally stand out amongst the crowd of down gazers,
    noses plugged into whatever is happening
    anywhere but here.
    But your little stunt snapped them into the present.
    Like a tiny lightbulb flash.
    Making them have to actually come face-to-face with
    what they…[Read more]

  • NuSol commented on the post, recording 2 years ago

    High up in the dusty attic.
    A box.
    Flaps weaved shut.
    Below the layers of newspaper clips from a better time.
    The final recording of his voice, his radio show,
    lie dormant.
    He worked his whole life to make them.
    Call it a feebile attempt to try an make something, anything, that could out last time.
    But a generation later,
    it is but a…[Read more]

  • NuSol commented on the post, driveway 2 years ago

    They crawl across the dark living room wall,
    as if to be a gentle, almost ghostly warning shot
    that the hard conversation,
    the one that can’t be avoided,
    is about to explode
    as soon as he parks.
    The only thing standing in the way
    is a sullen walk up the driveway.

  • NuSol commented on the post, weaving 4 years, 4 months ago

    it meshes,
    the men run in
    behind each other
    like a twisted
    game of follow the leader.
    they inch down the floor
    the bouncing ball sound
    just a bit off
    beat with the patter of their feet.
    three men,
    the same uniform,
    like the threads of a persian rug
    only halfway made.

  • NuSol commented on the post, severe 4 years, 11 months ago

    the pain cracked like lightning
    up his leg.
    the tears rolled into
    a soft whimper
    and a balled fist
    clinching a the bed rail
    for dear life.
    but he refused to scream out,
    refused to call out for help,
    refused to acknowledge
    the severe pain.

  • NuSol commented on the post, reverence 4 years, 11 months ago

    he sat and listened,
    at full attention, like a soldier,
    as she talked.
    it wasn’t lust.
    it was respect.
    it was awe and wonder,
    it was a reverence for
    her perspective.

  • NuSol commented on the post, airport 4 years, 11 months ago

    a sea of bodies
    pulsed up and down the concourse,
    moving in every direction like fire ants
    ready to strike.
    Food courts and gifts shops
    and bars and walkways,
    all lined with people on a mission;
    people temporarily stranded in this
    man-made purgatory
    of blandness.

  • NuSol commented on the post, desolate 4 years, 11 months ago

    that’s what was visible,
    the moment he opened his eyes.
    his face was one the red, rocky soil.
    his spaceman visor, shattered.
    he was surprised he could breathe
    and that he was still alive.
    But wasn’t surprised he was
    the only man for millions of miles.

  • NuSol commented on the post, loneliness 4 years, 11 months ago

    where is everyone?
    the invitation said 6pm,
    so i get here at 6
    and nothing.
    Nothing but an empty warehouse.
    A table,
    a single chair.
    And absolutely no one.
    Maybe I have the wrong address?
    Maybe I imagined there was a party?
    Maybe I was lost
    in a bucket of hope?
    Hoping I had real friends.

  • NuSol commented on the post, leverage 4 years, 12 months ago

    when one side is winning,
    one side has the upperhand
    and no one else can undermind
    the flow of things.
    it’s playing your cards right,
    making every right move in
    life’s chess game.
    Or checkers,
    if that’s what you’re into.

  • NuSol commented on the post, possible 5 years ago

    allow yourself to believe,
    to think that things can happen,
    to wonder if maybe, just once
    things can work out in your favor.
    it’s not that you can’t do it.
    Nor that you don’t want to.
    it’s that you can if you just put your mind to it.
    that things are actually possible.

  • NuSol commented on the post, sterile 5 years ago

    the whole room was bare,
    only a single table sit in the cetner.
    an ominous light hovering above
    it like an alien craft
    about to burn in a crop circle.

  • NuSol commented on the post, commission 5 years ago

    he strolled in,
    confident, bold,
    all around were people
    sipping cocktails
    and merlot.
    but he persisted,
    weaving through the mass
    of indifference.
    he step right to the artist
    who, herself was a little loss in
    the drone of the excitement.
    And he said with little hesitation,
    i’ll take it.

  • NuSol commented on the post, withered 5 years ago

    underneath pounds
    of pressure and memories
    and those things
    few people mention
    between tight lips.
    and bruised
    and quivering in a corner.
    That is where his withered
    confidence lived.

  • NuSol commented on the post, level 5 years ago

    every layer,
    every facet,
    it’s one step higher
    one section
    deliberate in its higher ability.
    It’s the next stage
    and when you get there,
    you will be considered great.
    you will be on
    the next

  • NuSol commented on the post, still 5 years ago

    you hear that,
    that silence,
    that empty feeling
    that notion
    that alone is the only way
    this could possibly be.
    you hear that
    essence of

  • NuSol commented on the post, prayer 5 years ago

    you said nothing.
    you did nothing.
    you expected
    and that was more than enough.
    and now you’re left,
    and alone
    and afraid
    and humbled
    with the only thing left to do
    is to ask for grace.

  • NuSol commented on the post, overt 5 years ago

    i asked,
    “what is the meaning of this?”
    he pointed.
    Stern in his disposition.
    it’s black and white.
    No ifs,
    No ands,
    No butts.
    as it is clear.
    What more could you ask.
    I said nothing.

  • NuSol commented on the post, welcoming 5 years ago

    It’s the moment
    cross the threshold.
    There, into open arms.
    A warm embrace.
    A smile
    that signals
    this is a safe place.
    Where you can
    lay your head,
    and forget the war of worlds
    out your window.

  • NuSol commented on the post, dealer 5 years, 1 month ago

    cards are shuffled,
    the first one’s burnt.
    each one
    then lain,
    but never once does she
    break eye contact.
    never once does she
    explain her smeared