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    Sitting at the edge of the water, just listening to the crashing of the waves as the beat in a constant rhythm against the icy shore. I am a part of nature. I feel clear. I’m thinking clearly. This is where I belong.

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    So many tales we are told as young girls. Almost all of them have a prince that comes to rescue the princess. Even if somehow the princess manages to save herself (for example, Mulan, who saves ALL OF CHINA YOU GO GIRL), she’s undoubtedly going to end up with a guy anyway, because everyone knows, that’s the only way you can get a true,…[Read more]

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    I don’t understand people who commit suicide. I understand wanting to stop the stress, the pressure, the pain, or whatever else it may be that makes them feel so awful. But to want to outright end their lives, and end any chances of future happiness? I can’t understand. Right now I can feel my self control withering, as the realization of how…[Read more]

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    and also I’d like to thank my fans, for their continued support along the whirlwind journey that is my life. Without the little people, I wouldn’t have been able to make it this far.

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    The lamest of the group, the one with little ambition, except to live. Left behind while the rest pursue their dreams, excelling at school and in their workplaces, the weakling stays as she always has, dreaming dreams too big for her pathetic, talentless self, condemned to a life of mediocrity and disappointment.

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    Knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    Reality. But it’s not waiting for you to get up off your ass and stumble over to the door, pulling it open slowly as your eyes adjust to the natural light of the outdoors.
    No, it’ll blow that door open, knocking you right off your feet as you’re on the way to- that is, if you’re not prepared for it.

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    As my foot pressed the pedal closer to the floor, I grasped the steering wheel, trying to keep the car in line, but it was too late.
    I was already spinning out of control.

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    The wind rushing past her ears, she fell, her limbs flailing around her, until she reached the surface of the water with a crash. Ow. That was not a good way to land. At the base of the waterfall, the current pushed her towards the banks, where she hopped out and rushed back up the mountain to jump again.

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    I willed my bike to go faster as I raced down the hill, away from all the problems at home, to the fresh ocean air, where my best friend was waiting for me. I haven’t seen her all year, since she’s been at school in new york, but now it is summer time, our time.

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    My chest is flat. At 20 years old, I have the breasts of a 13 year-old, pre-pubescent girl who still wears training bras. While yes, it is moderately mortifiying when trying on certain styles of tops and dresses, it also comes in handy when I don’t feel like wearing a bra. Plus, I have no idea what my DD friends are talking about when they…[Read more]