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    Mikki was quickly approaching the age that other companions were allowed out and into the world. Little privileges weighted the most lately. She’d been bedridden again, and as far as she could tell, it was getting worse. None of the docs really wanted to tell her, but she could tell in the way they shifted around her and couldn’t meet her eyes.…[Read more]

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    Furfrou stared back at his keeper. She was mad, of course, she always was with him. Was that his fault that she was just so used to domestics? No, of course not. Furfrou huffed and ran his hand through his hair, grumbling under his breath. Samantha crossed her arms and covered her face with one hand, something she always seemed to do around…[Read more]

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    Romance was, by far, not Furfrou’s forte. In fact, he wasn’t even very interested in it at all. He means, sure, if there was some guy interested in him than he’d certainly give it a try, but otherwise he wasn’t really “looking” for it. Or anything else really.

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    Mikki sat on her bed. She flipped through an old book, one she had finished when she was smaller- absolutely tiny. Way, way back before she was scared of her own sad body and the mysteries of life and adoption. It was a fantasy tale, a typical “Save the Princess” type story with a prince and a quest and the big monstrous dragon.

    She always…[Read more]

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    Furfrou didn’t like sharing all his secrets with Samantha. Or, any secrets, really.

    It wasn’t because he didn’t trust her- even though her fashion sense was questionable and not exactly trustworthy itself, actually. But he was just secretive in general, he supposed. He didn’t tell anyone much of anything, really. Sometimes he’d jot down his…[Read more]

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    Miracles happen all around us, mostly unseen by the human eye. Whether our blindness to such events is by a subconscious choice or that we cannot perceive the simple dots and draw the simple lines to connect them. […]