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    I think a very underrated movie last year was Iron Man 2. Not only did it appeal to dedicated comic book fans, but men, women, children and even the elderly could enjoy this fast paced action packed cinematic treasure. I would suggest this movie to anyone who is looking for an edge of your seat […]

  • It was destroying the planet, and she did everything she could to stop it. Not like it would matter. Styrofoam was one of the most commonly used substances on the planet. Restaurants, convenience stores, and other common places like it’s cheapness and reliability. Schools use it for lunch trays, and there was nothing she could […]

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    She was new to the nation. She had traveled very far from her home land to America for all the opportunity it brought. She was very poor, but an amazing artist. Her parents saved all the money they could for many years so she could have a future. But she felt like just another foreigner. […]

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    The old man sighed. He stared as the youth around him paraded up and down the main street of town with their cell phones and iPods, laptops and bluetooths- or whatever they called it these days. He felt completely disconnected. He knew nothing good was to come of all this technology- those gosh darned gadgets.

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    The old man sighed. He watched the youth parade around the streets on their cell phones, iPods, laptops, and whatever other new-fangled gadgets this high tech world was providing. It was just another way for people to become disconnected from each other. Or was it more connected? He didn’t understand. He never did. It made […]

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    Today was the day. Finally, it would be revealed. Dr. Marcho was ready. He took a deep breath, and ripped the large white sheet of his greatest creation. The crowd erupted, spot lights blinded him as the raised his fist in success. It was a beautiful, massive sight. A new, state of the art C6000 […]