• Why Doctor Who is Epic

    First of all, Doctor Who is epic because of, well, the Doctor.

    The Doctor is epic because he is a crazy old man who looks young. He also prefers to use his brains instead of engage in […]

  • Music is the most epic thing out there. Music and color. It’s got the power to drive you into a state of excitement; the hope that there is adventure out there for you. I love the epicness of music. Color of […]

  • I scarcely knew what was happening around me. I wasn’t sure why it was happening at all.

    I just knew I wanted it to go on forever.

    The colors swooshed by, a maelstrom of brilliance. I felt something – a longing, a faraway notion of something beyond myself.

  • The sea is one great big glass of champagne. Frothy at the top, and bubbly in the middle. Then at the bottom, all clear.

    Then, with a swish, the froth leaps up into waves as the glass is raised in a toast.

  • Tonight the horses shall dance. They have run hard, and they have won. The battle was long. Many a man did not come home. But the horses, the great horses of the North, have done their best. Many a rider came home that would not have otherwise survived without his steed. We shall let them […]

  • Champagne bubbles. Frothy white. Cracking it open over the top of a cup held by the trophy winner.

    The race has been won. Celebration is ready. Now we can dance. The horses are turned out to the stables, and the jockeys are cleaning up. They will dance too.

    Even the horses shall dance.