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    What does it take to blow up one of the most ancient mountains on Earth? To decimate some of the most fertile soil in the world? Bury life giving streams beneath dirt and memory? Attack the identity of a people? Push the button that sets it all off? Give the word? Sign a paper? Start […]

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    He says he created him a woman. Upgraded breasts, lips, butt. Half the work was God’s, half the surgeon’s, but he paid for it so he said he made her, didn’t need to find her. Half his age, better lookin’ than he ever was, she still wasn’t enough even upgraded. He left her for a […]

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    Missions are for martyrs. If nothing is worth dying for, nothing is worth living for. Mountain mission is a 2nd hand place. Reminds me of J, Mamma, mom, signed books and rag store magic. Mountain mission is what we’re on. Placing the God of creation above gods of coal, consumerism, & common habit.