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    It was all ashen- the sky. The trees. Even the grass under our feet had returned into the dirt it had once been. As we stood, staring at what the fires had left for us, I saw only what it had taken away.

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    She was in pain.

    He couldn’t help her.

    Each passing moment, each piercing cry, told him just how strong she was.

    Just how strong all mothers are.

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    The canopy of leaves painted the sky with green. Shadows fell onto the uneven ground in patches- light glistened in between in rays of bright sunshine. Distant chatter of birds came from afar, echoing off the trunks and boughs. The stream joined in their song, flowing melodically over rocks and fallen branches.

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    The rain left it’s familiar trails and tracks on the window. I stared, watching each drop eventually connect with another. My father drove, the standard classic rock station blaring over the sound of pounding of water.

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    It left a footprint of red. That’s all.

    I knew they were gone.

    And I knew I was alive.

    And I knew I’d always remember the piercing black eyes that killed them.

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    He looked over his fathers shoulder, small hands grasping the dinosaur toy. His eyes glistened as the brush in his father’s hand obeyed his every command.

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    Her breath escaped in small gasps as she turned corner after corner. She rushed to the gate, but it was too late- the doors were closed. It left the ground- it was in the air. She missed it. Slowly, she sank into her knees and let one single tear trail down her face-

    She was still there on solid earth, and her love would be waiting for no one.

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    She stood waiting, weight shifting from foot to foot. “She won’t be here… she won’t,” the woman mumbled to herself while she checked her watch, sweat beading on her hairline.

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    He was the chosen one. The one we’d been waiting for. Right? He was strong. Brave. He looked the part. But could we be sure? Could this not be the Other? The one who would put us all in harm? Who would cause great destruction among our already pitiful world?

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    The little girls were all in hysterics as the victor of the pageant and winner of the crown pranced onto stage. Why do parents enjoy turning their kids into brats? I’ve never understood it. And I know for sure […]

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    As the water seeps into my clothing, I feel all my breath leave my body. “Come on! Break!” I scream in my head. I push my arms against the layer of ice now settled on top of the water, but I know that this is it. I close my eyes, letting all the water I […]