• She walked toward him coolly, her skirts swishing against the stone floors, eyes glittering in the lantern light. The dagger in her hand glinted, too, and he swallowed hard.

    “So. It’s been you, all this time.”

    She nodded, once, and pressed the blade against his throat. As the metal sliced a clinical, bloody smile between his jaw and his…[Read more]

  • She watched as Felicity scraped the last bits of dough off the sides of the bowl with a wooden spoon, and wondered how long it had been since she herself had done such a thing. How long had it been since she had actually stood in a kitchen and kneaded dough? Or washed dishes?

    Strange, she thought, the turns life takes. One day you’re working…[Read more]

  • Breathe in. Breathe out. The blow strikes him sharply between the ribs, the blade slips in and out with awful precision, and he drops.

    His ring arrives in a box at their doorstep the next day. She holds it tightly, chest hollow, eyes dry. Her husband weeps until his energy is spent.

    The box is placed in the back of a cupboard. They do not…[Read more]

  • There was a time long ago when, characteristically for we are a selfish race, humanity believed that the world was the centre of space. A man dared to challenge that and he was called a heretic. But now we know that he had learned a truth about the beautiful creation God designed for us to inhabit. What parallels can we find to this today? Why do…[Read more]

  • Around and around we spin, clinging to the skin of a tiny blue and green orb in the sky, and we don’t even know that we’re clinging. We feel like we’re standing still. And isn’t that the way of things? We feel like we’re the only ones in a situation, or who feel the way we do, but in fact we are all constantly and permanently in motion, movng…[Read more]

  • “I thought I’d never see you again”

    His voice is rough, like the hands that used to be soft and uncalloused, more used to books and hours in libraries, than manual labour.

    She reaches out to grasp them, and savours the feeling of them, roughened on his palms, and where his thumb joins his index finger, from much time spent at the plow,…[Read more]

  • Her hair used to be long. It used to be long enough for her to sit on, thick, too, like burnished bronze and silk all wrapped into one object. She feathered her fingers through the blunt ends, and sighed. No more.

  • The man climbed out of his coach, shielding his eyes from the downpour beneath a gloved hand. The streetlamps cast a strange glare as they reflected in the rain. She couldn’t really make out his face, but she could hear his voice well enough:

    “I’m terribly sorry, Miss! Are you alright?”

  • She stood on the dock, a shadow in the dark, but even so, he saw her straighten slightly as he came up behind her.

    “I’m not having this discussion again.” she said. “I’m your scapegoat. I’ve got to leave if you’re going to sell it and take your throne back safely.”

    His breath was hot on the nape of her neck, and he sensed more than saw the…[Read more]

  • She smiled coyly and nodded, her perfectly lipsticked smile placed at the perfect queenly angle, even as she slid her feet surrepticiously from her heels and slid her hand just so to knock her bread knife under the table.

    “Oh dear!” she said delicately, and bent to retrieve it. The threatening presence behind her loomed as she took hold of one…[Read more]

  • I guess, well, I mean…every time I see you smile, and then turn to me and lose that light, I just feel like you’ve killed me, Maryam. And I know, I know I deserve it, what with what I made you do, child, but Stars Above and Dust Below, if it doesn’t make me feel like you’re drowning me. I swear to you, Lass, if you kill me today, it would be a…[Read more]

  • my eyes are full of starlight and I think that perhaps there are enough thoughts in my head to fill a thousand thousand ships that sail on the oceans of my subconscious. The world is a beautiful strange and marvelous place.

  • For the love of all that’s holy, Lizzie, just shut up for a minute, will you? I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you, and I KNOW, I KNOW that that’s ridiculous and stupid, and that I’ll probably die tomorrow anyways, and that you probably don’t feel the same, but there. I said it. I LOVE YOU.

  • I am going to try to be brave. I am going to be vulnerable, and share my story, even if it is scary. I don’t know what will happen. But I am willing to bet that it will be beautiful. And worth it. I hope that in some small way, it will matter.

  • There are some things your mother never tells you, he mused as he dragged himself down the corridor, the sound of heavy boots thundering behind him, faster than he could hobble. And one of those things is what it feels like to be about to die. I suppose, he mutterd, that she never said because she couldn’t find the words. Uncharacteristic, that.