• Kati commented on the post, himself 7 years ago

    Himslef. Herself. Themselves. All words that mean you are thinking of others.

  • Kati commented on the post, square 7 years ago

    A quare is many things. It’s a shape. It’s a special kins of rectanlge. It’s a kind of person. It’s even a kind of dance

  • Kati commented on the post, mention 7 years ago

    Hey don’t mention it. Just a simple way to say you’re welcome. But being able to say it is knowing that you were able to help somone else.

  • Kati commented on the post, employees 7 years ago

    employees are workers. They work here for a month and there for a year. They do as they are told and they never question their boss. They help people in the world. But they are not respected. It is people with the careers and college degrees that get the respect.

  • Kati commented on the post, themselves 7 years, 1 month ago

    People are always thinking of themselves. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the second you fall asleep, you are thinking of you. You are thinking of decisions you make, the clothes you wear, and the things you see. Every so often other people may seep into your thoughts, but only momentarily, before you are sucked back into the reality…[Read more]