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    Everyone needs nutrients to survive. Sometimes, those nutrients are less than expected. Sometimes, they’re hard to find.

    For some, they’re easy to find but hard to get.

    It involves stalking, waiting for the source to be alone.

    Then an attack from the shadows, then a quick move.

    But the most important part, the part that can never…[Read more]

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    The sizzling sound of whatever was cooking filled the silent room. Even the relentless tick tock of the clock had gone quiet. She stared down at the stir of vegetables with hollow eyes, hoping, praying that the silence would soon cease. Yet, it didn’t.

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    The only sound in the room was the liquid sloshing around in the glass. The ice cubes hitting the side as he tipped it back over, and over, and over. Never ending, never stopping. Just pouring, pouring, pouring, pouring with no purpose, no meaning.

    Meaning was insignificant, now. All that mattered was this drink.