• Amy commented on the post, deserved 5 years, 1 month ago

    Isn’t it easier to just say “she was getting what she deserved”? She was drinking alcohol, after all (let’s not discuss the man who saw an incapacitated girl and decided to take advantage). She was wearing provocative clothing (let’s not discuss the man who decided to take them off against her will). She was out late at night (let’s not discuss…[Read more]

  • Amy commented on the post, allowed 5 years, 1 month ago

    Walls. Each brick is a rule, a stricture, a guideline, a suggestion. And it feels as if the sun is shining directly between those cracks, but obscured: so you can only catch glimpses. But as you grow, you realize the necessity of the rules– that the motivation behind them is more important than the rule itself. That the bricks exist to hold the…[Read more]

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    Small, bedraggled lumps of soaking wet rags. The children crouched beneath the bridge, and through the scope of my military-issued sniper rifle, I could even see the way the light glinted off the tears sliding down the bridges of their noses.

    God. God. I can’t do this. I can’t. It feels like it’s raining, but I realize: it’s tears. I’m sobbing.…[Read more]

  • Amy commented on the post, illogical 5 years, 2 months ago

    Flames burst behind us as we skid around the corner in the belly of the volcano.
    “This must be the MOST harebrained, ILL-conceived, ILLOGICAL plan you’ve ever pulled me into!” screams my partner, hair singed.
    I harrumph, ducking around a falling stalactite. “EXcuse you, all of my plans are equally as harebrained, ill-conceived, and illogical,…[Read more]

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    “I feel like at some point your values got disfigured,” says mom, tossing her pans into soapy water.
    I look up abruptly from the kitchen table, offended. “What? What is THAT supposed to mean?”
    “It says on Netflix you watched eight hours of Pokemon: Indigo last night. Have you even got your homework done?”
    “I’ve… gotten it to the acceptable…[Read more]

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    He was like a fisherman, reeling in women left and right in his nets. She didn’t mind so much, because it was more of an accidental tangling where he kept blustering around and tripping over his own feet and trying to shake them off: he only had eyes for her. She’d never really wanted one of the men who got all of the ladies; it was too much work,…[Read more]

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    Everywhere else is kept gardened and neat, lush and green. Tangles of red roses wind throughout the black wrought iron fence that encloses the little paradise beyond my back porch.

    Except for in the back, in front of a cluster of pine trees. A patch of brown soil, newly churned. One of the shoe boxes is missing from the closet, and a sign in…[Read more]

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    Coughing and waving her hand to clear the smoke, the sorceress stumbled in the wreckage of the desk she’d been thrown into. Or, more aptly put, thrown through.

    “That… could’ve gone… better.” Still hacking, she adjusted her robes. Reviewing the destruction of her office space (previously so well-organized), she couldn’t help but give a…[Read more]

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    “You know, you’re very… colorful.” I try not to sound offensive with this observation, but Ida, being Ida, whips around.

    “So, I like my patterns,” she sniffs, and then billows out her apron on the dining room table so I can see them all. The stripes and checks and pinks and yellows and reds and just the general brightness, all stitched…[Read more]

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    There’s something that is instilled in us from the day we were born
    To obey.
    Are you a boy or a girl?
    No, you are a woman.
    Good girl.
    Now listen to what I tell you. Be good. Follow my instructions. Don’t displease me.
    You feel fuzzyheaded, and want to revolt. The world is easier, clearer when you obey. Maybe you should just obey.…[Read more]

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    if I slip they’ll know
    if I slip they’ll all see me for what I am
    my hands shake, I can’t meet their eyes. why is it that I feel I’m constantly teetering on the brink, seconds from losing them, all I love? this isn’t family. It’s because of me we’re not stable.

    But I lace my boots like any other, coarse fingers with coal-smudged swirling…[Read more]

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    The cold feel of the bow in his hand. Metal snatching on every ridge of skin. The swirled fingerprints on the reflective surface. His own determined brown eyes staring back, and his breath which fogged it away.

    He reached for the arrow and strung it. Aimed it. Across the trees, acr