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    The look was rather severe. Hair pulled back and up so tight the model didn’t even need to consider a facelift. His eyes even had gained an asian slant due to the taunt skin and the severe look. I dont think this is what was meant by the saying “going Japanese” do you?

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    Obsolete! Completely out of fashion, we’ll have none of that here where fashion mavens reign supreme! That’s why folks are buying it up for a song..cause its going out of style. Fire sale prices!! Miss matched and odds and ends, no longer hokey interior designs look the fashion, only matchy match here folks!!!!

  • I am simply determined! She exclaimed…not to allow anyone or anything to get in my way, to tell me what to do or how to go about it. I’m NOT that kind of woman!! And so it came to pass that her determination was the one thing that kept her on track and doing her […]

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    Connected, everyone wants to be connected. To friends, to family, via communications, topically through movies and television. No one seems to want to be left out of the media barage of useless facts and extremist journalism. Where did the days of objective, intelligent and connected communication go???

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    Strength comes in all variations. It can be strength of character, strength of conviction, strength of belief. It’s all a way of being centered in who and what you are and what your beliefs and dreams may be.

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    Ahh the sweet smell of success! Hmm but then again..success is, I would suppose all in how you define it. Success for one person is not the same for another. Success in one culture again is not quite the same in a different culture. Success must be defined by each individual who is self actualiized […]

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    The world is full of folks with HUGE egos. It seems that there are outsized egos or those who have no ego at all. Finding someone with a well adjusted ego is truly something that is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Everyone’s ID’s seem to have run amuck.

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    Trust is a tricky thing. There are trusted friends, trusted passwords, trusted places and experiences. To be trusted by others who know you and respect you is an even greater gift. To be able to trust is an opening of the heart and soul. Ohh to long for and to receive the trusted love of […]

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    It is a known fact among those who prepare presentations for the executive level that as people go further up in the company that they want less words and more colors to indicate status and the entire encapsulation of a project. Executives are better with pictures and colors…skip the words and you will be in […]

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    The crowd roared! The audience could not be more pleased with the outcome of the play. It was a smashing success and everyone knows that even the critics will have something to say about such a resounding response. Critics may not always agree but they cannot argue with this audience!

  • We tried for a structured up-brining however, the structure didn’t take, basic house training didn’t take, the puppy was a force unto himself. Cute, adorable and totally his own being. He was sure the world was built just for him, loved secured and confident, why should he have to abide by a structured rule system???

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    Things looked bleak, the darkest hour of the darkest day….nothing could save the day, the week the month, who knows maybe even the year, However, maybe next year would be better, isn’t it wonderful how the word however, can give you pause and make you look forward to an alternate reality?

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    No matter what you do..No matter the approach you take…it will come back to bite you in the behind! Approach should be something that we all consider and we all heed as necessary when interacting with other humans…however its usually something that is never considered, becasue the world is a self -centered place and people […]

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    It is the policy of this department to tell you that you are not within your bounds to be light of humor or to smile while working. One must always act with perfect gravity in any situation. Therefore, any one who is found breaking this policy will be severely punished.

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    Ohhh to be wanted. I wanted, he wanted …she wanted..we all wanted. But what really was it that we all wanted? Why didn’t we ask instead for the basics? What we really desperately needed, what we all should wish for each other, for ourselves? Why is wanting so hard? Instead of being in a needy […]