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    There were signs. I saw them but put them on ignore. So it was my fault. It was my fault.

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    There are more than one hundred reasons why.
    All of them will lead me away from you.
    I haven’t the want to keep with the lie
    the lie of why I’m always black and blue.

  • His lips were searching for secrets, and there were many to find. He devoured them all, left a shell behind.


  • He advised her to close the window drapes at night, but she didn’t want to bring every fantasy of mine to an end. Some people love being watched. She begged of it. Husbands should never lose interest, otherwise […]

  • The only suggestion I have for myself, is that I keep my mouth shut. People will start to question me, and if they’re not questioning me, they’ll use whatever I say against me because that’s how the world works. I […]

  • I’ve been dwelling on my therapist. I wonder what this woman is hoping to accomplish. Is she really trying to help, or just wanting to medicate my thoughts into nonexistence.

  • I think it would be awesome to turn a gothic cathedral into a nightclub. Dark drinks, beautiful women, and fine dance performances. Music like that of Silent Hill, or maybe some Celtic. Piano. Violin. You’d need […]

  • Her hair felt like straw, brittle and dry.
    Blonde strands split between my fingers as I
    forced her to knees on the kitchen floor.
    I demanded more…
    son baiser, j’adore.

  • Good sex is never brief. One should leave me to want more. Two minutes is far too short.

  • I call her summer, hot as the sun between sheets. She leaves winter to wonder

  • I love watching women play tennis. Part of it has to do with watching their asses move from side to side in those short skirts, but mostly their legs. Tennis players have the sexiest legs.

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    Inside mother yolk-
    breath of new awaits,
    flesh and bone basking in
    the warmth of Spring.

    Their oval world-
    blue as sky, nurtures
    until broken shell
    reveals fragile feathered wings.


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    People don’t like to talk anymore. Not about the things that matter anyway. Communication seems to be the last thing on everyone’s to do list. That’s probably why the divorce rate is so high.

  • His teeth didn’t wear them down enough, they still left their mark. Blood coagulated. Red pearls to accentuate each bruise.

    I have a thing for the word ‘coagulate’

  • Love is no longer fluid. Coagulation of the core- I cannot give anymore. Skeleton full of gelatin..that’s me. Empty.

  • I didn’t fully agree with the conditions, yet, my pen moved without hesitation. Blood clots and denial. That’s what I signed up for. Irreversible, irresponsible, my hands are bloody.