• I’ve never influenced anyone, at least as far as I’m aware. I’m shy, soft-spoken; not quite leadership material. Still, people seem to enjoy my company. I guess I’m just agreeable.

  • Wistful: one of the strangest emotions in the human experience. Wanting something without quite wanting it, feeling that slight pull towards something far away or lost. The sadness that comes with it. It’s almost the same feeling as being lonely, except that it’s experiences you feel the missing of, rather than people.

  • Pieces of old tape, buttons, and screws. Little odds and ends. It was a collection of unimportant, easily missed objects. He loved those sorts of things. Things easily missed or overlooked, but that had once been part of something larger than themselves.

  • The officer stared at the girl coldly. She was on her knees, afraid to even look up. The officer gave a few short commands to his men. They made no sense to the girl.

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    He leaned down and pressed his hand into the soil. It was hard and very, very cold. Tremors ran through his weak body; he knew he could go no farther. Laying flat beneath a cold, yellow-grey sky, he let his eyes close at last. A harsh winter wind blew across the empty tundra and over his still form.

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    He shows you a world you could lose yourself in, a world that is more beautiful and terrifying than anything you have ever seen. You love him for it, intensely, and promise that however long it takes, whatever you have to do, you will work until you can give him a world all your own. One that matches his in majesty.

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    The cool glass of eggnog did little to sate her thirst, but it was creamy and comforting. And it was delicious. The holidays just weren’t the same if there wasn’t a steady supply of the stuff.

  • He pushed his foot harder against the break, his hand sweaty on the gearshift. His heart pounded and adrenaline rushed through his body. He had waited years for this. Today, he was determined to shine.

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    All too soon we grow up. Leave home with grand ideas and adventurous plans. We take for granted those years when we were children, living in the comfort and safety of our parent’s warm homes, and think we will only find more of the same. And each and every one of us is mistaken.

  • Out of all the shapes I know, the square is my favorite. It’s very orderly, precise. No strang angles, no wobbling sides. It’s dependable.

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    It’s always extremly late before I can go to bed. It’s a curse that’s been with me all my life, but it hasn’t negatively affected me until recently. Now, because I can’t sleep until I’m exhausted, I end up sleeping all day. I don’t know what to do about it. I feel trapped.

  • I didn’t want to mention what I was thinking to Rebecca. It was a painful feeling; her laughing beside me, the rain causing her slothes to stick to her skin. Sometimes, the closeness of our friendship seemed to simply magnify what we – or maybe just I – had lost.

  • He sat there, on the edge of his bed, turning the small cylinder around and around in his fingers. So much was bound up in that small tube of lipstick. Things that were, things that could have been. But it didn’t matter now. Now she was gone, and he was faced with the hardest challenge […]

  • Her face was covered in a thick layer of garish make-up. He could the smell the sweat and fear pouring out of her as she shrunk against the wall, trying desperately to pull away from him. He grasped her tightly around the wrist of the hand that she was using to hold the parasol, and […]

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    Plaid. The color of perpetually out of style shirts that you cant remember buying, yet hang in your closet nonetheless. Well, perhaps not a color. Rather a horrid mishmash of completely random samplings of colors. All the same, it is hideous.

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    I’ve always loved to listen to the radio. It reminds me of long rides in the car, on the way to a favorite campsite, or to visit relatives. I love to travel; I always have. I think the radio is a symbol of this for me.

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    I stared at the limo as it drove slowly down the street and around the corner. I couldn’t help but wonder about it’s occupants. Who were they, and where were they going? Where they famous, important politically?

  • He shuddered. The slosh of water in the empty canteen would be sure to give him away. His element of surprise would be gone. Setting it down beside him, he crawled on into the darkness. Now. The time had to be now.