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    “Either that, or hire an editor.” And I wanted to ask him where one would find a trustworthy and sufficient enough editor, but I was afraid that my brain would hijack my fingers the way it always does and then I wouldn’t be able to stop asking him even more questions, like how do I know this editor knows what he’s doing and what if he doesn’t like…[Read more]

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    we are not defined by what we lack. we are defined by what we do with what we have. today we struggle. maybe tomorrow we strive.

  • like a living shotgun, poised and ready, barrel pointed right between my eyes. imagine living a life just like this

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    The steps I took to avoid this place, and yet here I stand.

  • One by one, I filled my hands with daisies until some of them were peeking through my fingers, until I could no longer close my hands around the stems. I hugged them tight to my chest, sobbing as I gazed down at them, pressing my face into the petals and leaves, as if an attempt to keep the flowers alive with my tears.

  • I’d never seen such greenery before in my entire life. There was a soft mist that hung just above the ground, and the first light of the day peered through the leaves in the trees and bushes. A breeze swept timidly over the side of the hill, and I turned my face towards the dawn.

  • I didn’t deserve to die, but all the same, I found myself staring up out of that cold ditch, felt the soil falling heavily upon my face as he clumsily shoveled the dirt back in.

  • She craned her neck back and studied the structure of the giant archway

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    I was good at lying, but to completely conceal one’s true intentions was something out of my league. What I had done was sure to land me in prison, but that was a situation that I absolutely could not afford to withstand. I needed to find someone. Someone who knew exactly how to cover up […]