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    I grasped his hand in mine. It was near freezing. I liked the thought that my hand could be a source of warmth for him. Hands grasped means souls bounded. I wanted people to be jealous. To look at us and envy what we had, grasped together tightly.

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    It would take a while for Lauren to learn the sly ways of Meredith. She was to watch the way Meredith’s eyes darted from side to side, stealthily searching her surroundings. Lauren was next in line and had to be just as cautious as all of them before her. It wasn’t going to be easy. But was anything in life easy?

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    The ancient text looked as if it would evaporate. It was so faded you could barely make it out. He reached for it, trying to be as gentle as possible. However, when he touched it, it crumbled into oblivion. Whatever was on it was too far gone for him to be concerned with. It was too late.

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    His salesman smile made me sick. The corners of his smile created dimples. For Gods sake were not just dealing with anything right now. Bombs separated us on a small circular table. People were going to die and that was no laughing matter.

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    I thought for a minute. The thoughts swirling from one side to the other. I wonder, who wonders? Do all people relax and take the time to analyze their own lives? I sit here on this bench in the middle of winter, thinking.

  • Kim M commented on the post, husband 7 years ago

    Her husband? ha! should be MY husband. I’ve had my eyes on him since pre puberty. She just started talking to him last year. Ridiculous. They save love makes you do crazy things? I’m about to do the craziest one yet.

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    This wall had always stood between himself and her. Every time he tried to utter a word, the wall dropped in front of him. He couldn’t get past its thick exterior. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Maybe he just wasn’t trying hard enough to climb the wall. Who knows?

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    His features had always been exaggerated, no matter how he tried to cover them. He had tried everything. Hats, hair to his shoulders. everything. He always thought people looked at him and instantly thought of Pinocchio. That’s why he never had much confidence with the ladies. Till he met Lindsay.

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    It was swelling. and it was swelling fast. I try to keep it a secret from people but in my time of extreme weakness it becomes apparent. I would do anything to make this swelling disappear But I cant help it, I think so much that my head swells. I was in trouble now. They knew what I was thinking.

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    The baby looked so innocent. So lonely sitting there on the street corner. Its tears were stained lines on his cheeks. What was to become of this poor soul calling out for help? Would anyone offer to raise him?

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    He was the sole visitor that caught my attention. He was the only one not having fun. He was too still, I could almost see him breathing. His eyes ticked occasionally, jolting from side to side. Paranoia? But why?

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    He was cool. collected. everything that he shouldn’t be at a time like this. His father had just died. But here he was, drinking wine laughing with some woman. He must have something to do with this cold killing. Why wasn’t he mourning if he didn’t do it?

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    I had applied for the job at least 3 times. They all knew I’d be the perfect candidate, yet they ignored my very existence.
    “you’ll find a new job” they said.
    But they new nothing of how badly I wanted this. I would do anything for it.

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    The size of his heart had shrunk since his relationship with Amanda. He used to be open to so many new things, but ever since she left he hasn’t been willing to do much of anything. He stays to himself mostly. Too afraid of what little of his heart that was left was going to be snatched up by someone else.

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    I cried all night long after my father had been shot. I knew what he was involved in, but yet I couldn’t stop the hot tears running down my cheeks. I knew he had been affiliated with the mob, but that didn’t make him any less of a great man. Or any less my father. Crying never did seem to help much.

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    “Yes master,”The little man said peeping from around the corner.”I will do anything the master wants.”
    “You know what you can do for me little imp?”
    “Yes master?”
    “Scram. I don’t want to see the site of you around here again.”
    “. . . But master. . .”
    “I said, beat it.”

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    The politicians drive me absolutely nuts. I thought to myself as I glared at the tv after a long day of work. All they have to say is complete shit. They don’t care about me and my struggles. all they care about is the money in my back pocket.

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    I really must have it. The diamond necklace glittered in the sun. However it rested on a beautiful blondes neck. no matter, what must be mine will be mine. I will have to kill her. Of course I have more reason to kill than this, but it does make a promising argument.

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    oh lord. she thought to herself as she stared out into the field. Oh lord. She felt her knees tremble. She looked up to the sky, running her hands through her hair. Oh lord, why here?

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    She placed her hand down on Lilys shiny hair. Lily glanced up at her with large eyes.
    “Mom, why can’t we see Daddy?”
    “Because he’s gone now.”
    “Honey, he’s never coming back.”