• Voices, words, thoughts, and idea all whispered around her mind like mental images of someone else’s past. She tried to piece them together but could never concentrate on one thought long enough to hear its […]

  • Being separated from one another didn’t make the love fall apart, even if long distance isn’t suppose to workout. They were contents apart, yet each conversation made them feel closer in spirit and love.

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    There is no thought without belief. All people believe at some point in their life, with or without reason to. Belief makes weak people strong and cowardly people braver then the mightiest lion. Believe always, fear not.

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    With great walls and steep towers, the castle and it’s people were ready for any battle. Great strength filled it’s walls; warriors of every standing were brave and proud, ready to protect their home. This castle would stand the test of battle and even time.

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    the density of the lake scared the young girl as she stood at the top of an old oak, rope in hand. She had been invited here by here friends to take a daring leap, but as she stood there, she froze in fear.

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    I was offered a position that was unreusable. It was something that had to be done and was going to be done by someone who was going to do it. The offer was on the table. I jumped at it.

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    The mist settled on the ground as the sun rose and turned its face toward my front door. I was awake, regretfully so, and lacing up my trainers to start my first day of a new life. As I walked into the yard, the mist kissed my ankles and wished me good morning. It was […]

  • the manager stiffened her upper lip and approached the lazy employee. He was a looser who showed up late or not at all…today was her day to shine though, she was to fire him

  • The idea was obsolete.
    Nothing could happen without it.
    We were alone now, without a plan.
    Everything was over now.
    Because of this obsolete idea
    we had to start back at the begining

  • I am a determined person. I have will power and strength of mind, if not body. My determination is what fuels me; it is was makes life fun and full of adventure. Determination is key to success.

  • Success
    It is in the eye of the one reaching for it
    It is the goal of most people in this world
    It is something that has to be worked for
    Success is something to be proud of

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    I had made the plans weeks in advance, and everything was in preparation for the event. However, the one thing I didn’t consider was that plans can be broken, and they were. Now I have fists full of food and cakes and no one to eat them for me. Ah, the irony of me ordering […]

  • His purpose was as it had always been. To get to the other side. What side, may someone ask? Well the other side of the road of course. It had been his purpose for as long as he could remember, and he, a chicken, and the road, made of tar and mortar, we still as […]

  • I trusted in you….well, that was a bad idea. You were perfect in my eyes, and I thought you were a saint. I was so wrong. How can I ever trust again after you? They say that trust is easy to come by, but now I think all sayings to be false. Hopefully someday I […]

  • Digital devices everywhere! I remember a time when I didn’t have to carry 6 charge cords every time I went on vacation. But now, well…now I must carry a whole stockade of them. Computer chargers, cell phone chargers, I Pod chargers, hand held game system chargers, and many many more! I thought I loved the […]

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    the woven garment cascaded down the chair like a waterfall. It was a beauty that had never been held in the eyes of man before. To see it now, made men weep and women faint in awe. Perfection was woven, forever captured in a garment.

  • “However it may be, I truly love you,” the boy said to the girl as he held her hand. She was at the happiest she had ever been, and it was all because of him. They were sitting and smiling at one another, lost in the light of young love.

  • The way it approached me scared my heart into a quick beat. i was fearful for my life. What was this new and mysterious monster? I looked it in the eye, and it showed its teeth….I was not going to survive this…

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    The pamphlet was set on the desk, ready to be signed. This policy had been worked on for months by the president’s best staff, and yet…he was still unsure if it was the best it could be. Taking a deep breath, he opened the first page, and began to read.

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    the whole room stood as she walked down the stair way, a beauty in a ball gown. She was at the prime of her youth, beautiful, innocent, and full of love and energy. All persons present admired her, and she was the bell of the prom.