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    There is always noise around me. I make a distinction between noise and sounds. Sounds are distinguishable and associated with something that I am paying attention to. Noise is just the sound of voices murmuring, the chaotic thoughts in my mind, birds chirping, a fan blowing air. Unfortunately, there are too many things in my life which should be…[Read more]

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    Tracking footprints was what we did for fun. During our breaks from school, my mismatched group of elementary school friends and I scanned the muddy tractor ruts along the orchard’s perimeter in search of deer and coyote prints. During these peaceful hours, the divisions between us disappeared. United in searching for abnormalities in the soft…[Read more]

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    Finals are finally over. Time for a Netflix coma. New Girl, Game of Thrones, Psych, Dexter, take me! I’m yours!

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    “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you…”
    “If” by Rudyard Kipling is one of my all time favorite poems. It is one of the reasons I am an English major. It is one of the reasons I love poetry.
    The word “if” really is poetry if you think about it. Poetry contains big messages in a few words. “If”…[Read more]

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    “What did you think I meant, silly? Get your mind out of the gutter,” T.J. laughed, tousling her hair.
    Despite his faults and his somewhat crude sense of humor, or perhaps because of them, this strange friend, this man who had weaseled a way into her strictly regulated, no-time-for-relationships life, reminded Anna so much of Joe. Sometimes she…[Read more]

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    Tall, once-white rice silos stood in front of the world’s smallest mountain range. They had been there so long that they almost seemed to be a natural part of the landscape. Like ancient guardians of the land, they loomed over the surrounding rice fields and orchards, watching, waiting for the harvest when their empty, echoing chambers would…[Read more]

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    Three sons and a daughter. Many would call that a blessing. The gods had favored him with many male heirs and only a lone, little daughter to sap away his resources, and she never asked for much, anyways. Indeed, Mori admitted he was blessed quite prodigiously, but what is wealth without power?
    Ezra Stein, Mori’s ever smiling rival, had five sons…[Read more]

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    It seems to me that there are very few ways to spend time that, in the scheme of things, are truly worthwhile. Is it best to pursue solitary activities like reading or learning an instrument or language. Or is it a better use of time to engage with people, to text them, call them, be with them, and really get to know them? It is my quest to find…[Read more]

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    All of my inhibitions were based on an elaborately imagined reality. That’s a lot of really long words saying I was insecure with myself, with my perception of others, and my understanding of the society around me.
    “Just believe in yourself.”
    “Dance as if no one is watching.”
    “Live today like there is no tomorrow.”
    That’s what I was…[Read more]

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    Fasting from fun and friends, I sought
    after ambition. I craved
    recognition, affirmation from
    powerful people.

    With frivolities forgotten,
    managers nodded
    at my performance:
    condescending gods weighing my worth,
    judging me,
    accepting me, at last.

    Early essays and soaring grades–important
    professors knew my name and greeted
    me…[Read more]

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    Jamie’s deft hands pulled open the desk’s drawers as his eyes scanned the contents within. Nothing important. Like a bird, he froze and listened intently for any approaching sound, but all was silent. He turned from the desk to a wall of meticulously alphabetized files. Jamie hurried along it until he came to the W’s. Woods. Woods. There. Julie.…[Read more]

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    At the first chords of the song, a collage of memories spread through Emma’s mind like a deck of cards scattered on a table. Everything she knew before The Fading came back for just a moment as those notes shivered through the air. And then, a moment later, when the woman next to her changed the radio channel, those pictures in her mind all…[Read more]

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    The racket of air horns and vuvuzelas filled the airstreams as the graduates filed across the stage, waving and cheering. No graduation is complete without them.

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    I poured the salt into the glass of water and watched it dissolve far too quickly. I hated gargling that stuff, but I hated the painful sore throat more. I think that’s the way it is with relationships and friendships. Sometimes you have to put salt in the wound in order to heal.

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    “All kinds of trouble will ensue if you pursue this ‘plan,’ if that’s what you want to call it. How can you expect me to support this kind of decision?”
    “But after the trouble burns itself out, happiness, peace, and security will follow. That’s what we’ve always wanted isn’t it? That’s what we’ve spent our lives trying to achieve? Help me,…[Read more]

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    As my car came barreling towards them, twenty or so screaming crows flew up from the pavement like the angry smoke monster on the TV show LOST.

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    Olivia clasped the rock in her hands. At first appearance, it was just an ordinary rock, likely from a river bed. But when she pressed it to her lips and whispered words, memories, and hopes it did became those things. As the Olivia’s breath caressed the stone’s surface, the fragile ideas at the edge of her mind became reality as long as restless…[Read more]

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    “We’ll be there soon,” she said. That’s what she always said, but as usual, it wasn’t true. Soon, in her way of thinking implied something like in the next few hours, before the event is over. Rarely within the next few minutes did she ever arrive.

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    She took a breath of the fresh morning air and shivered in its crisp coolness. “This is the day,” she whispered, shivering again at the thought.

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    She scooted to the seat closest to the window and tossed her bag into the seat next to her. After jamming her headphones into her ears she looked around the bus through half closed eyes. “Oh no. Here he comes,” […]