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    Promise is something that everyone has to keep. it is essential to trust and something that everyone has done in there life. Without promises, no one would or could be trusted. There would be no bonds between friendships and significant others. It would be a “in one ear, out the other” society. Society would crumble. It would not be a good or…[Read more]

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    That’s exactly what i was thinking. I’m in somewhat of a major dilemma. I know the problem but can’t seem to get my feet wet. I tend to make a big talk and fail to step up to bat after. The pitcher gives me a, […]

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    I stare at the monitor like i’m in a spacial daze. That just means i’m deep in concentration about nothing. I need headlines like i need a fucking hole in my stomach. I start to throw up on the page. That’s how […]

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    The base was full. Everyone had their spot except me. I walked into the room looking like a lost puppy and was slapped in the face with a bowl full of food. The food was poison and there was a sign above it that […]

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    The engine was roaring. I could hear the heat blast out the edges like a teapot. I kept driving. The last thing i wanted to do was to die in the desert. We hadn’t past a car or any living thing in what seemed […]

  • a new way of thinking or describing my ideas and concepts. not radical as in bad but radical as in a new way of thinking and reacting.

    i radically changed the perception on what it means to have two callings. selling and advertising are two completely separate things. step it up

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    I am always looking for advice because i feel like i have done a lot in my twenty-four long years on earth. Not many people have faced death. Not many people have risen over odds. I would never toot my own horn (probably the worse phrase ever), BUT i rolled my 5 times, was ejected […]

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    I scout the scenery as i check behind me. I always feel as though someone or something is watching me in the serene wilderness.

    Nothing but animals yet still i’m terrified, i scout where i shall stay tonight. Pathetic that i must use the one tarp from the accident to cover my bloodied body.

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    Spring ends with more then a bang. It ended up with a sonic boom. Enter summer as the heat bears down upon the city like a weighted barbell. The humidity slows the time down. Seconds drift into minutes as one counts down the hellish rain forest-like sweat dripping from one’s brow. Wipe and return. Summer […]

  • Conviction is a strong determination to do something with your life. You are driven by something within yourself. Whether you are proving someone wrong, proving yourself wrong or just pushing to the limits, conviction is the desire in oneself.

    What do you push for sir? Exactly.

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    Too high for me to count. They lay on the table like kitchen magazines that friends and family are too weird to throw away. Too much green everywhere. Is this legal, probably not but it looks like we are in Vegas. Light trickles down from the broken lamb and illuminates the wadded dollar bills. Too […]

  • What is your goal of prosperous. I will live in a glamorous home with everything i want. yeah right you will he remarks. You will live long and live well he says. Live a prosperous life that you can afford to do your passions ans your errands in the same time frame. What are you […]

  • set your history in stone like it is made from the sword. setting is what is around you and what you see everyday. What is your setting? Are you at home or playing or running errands all day? Your setting changes like the weather. Find a setting you enjoy and work until you can’t work […]

  • What exactly is being shown of the scenery. that is my immediate thought. Paint a picture in your head of what you think the perfect day looks like. Where are you and what the hell are you doing? It slowly changes. That is exactly what you want.

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    you better be warned. this is about what’s to come in the future. it is strong. it is in your face. it is obsessed with the future and what it has to do to get there and meet its goals. Be forwarned people—Kevin is coming. I am ready to show everyone where and what has […]