• milk-thistle, chipmunk, a swooping fly
    you delight in each
    My Stalling Stallion
    leg-tickle, snort grunt, a gliding stride,
    you decline to reach
    My Stalling Stallion

  • I was bitten by a kitten
    shouldn’t put fingers in cages
    or pass afternoons shopping
    the innocuous is anything but
    but a bitter

  • hayden turnwood commented on the post, hood 7 years, 5 months ago

    The backside of Hood with just my annoyance at the would be hikers who didn’t show. I tried taking the dog across the river but could make the leap with her in my arms, she wouldn’t jump. Then you came through […]

  • hayden turnwood commented on the post, flip 7 years, 5 months ago

    Flip-flop or tick-tock
    a flip of a coin
    sand beach life
    a flop?
    or tick-tock
    the time clock
    and a flock
    of children
    and responsibilities

  • charms
    of a bracelet or personality
    charming princes
    alarming princes
    alarm clock
    clocking in
    instep with…
    out out