• KEROALMA commented on the post, greedy 5 years ago

    Sticky-greasy hands reaching,
    Higher and harder,
    Never slowing;
    For “Once is Never Enough.”

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    As the blackened clouds gathered, groaning and heaving with a thunderous ache, rain began to fall –bending with the strength of his voice, catching his broken light. The wind, only a whisper, slithered around my ears; her softness was almost apologetic. Almost.

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    Hair falling, nails broke, bent — crumbling beneath herself, she cries; a soft whispering sound. Her hands are shaking, her knees are giving out. There’s no time. Her health is failing, and the walls she’s built are now dust between her toes. Everything is coming down. There’s no turning back now.

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    He stood at the edge of the cliff; looking downwards, he felt a sick sort of dizziness and pulled back. It wasn’t the height, he thought — no. It was the twisted little thing laying broken down below.