• A bottle of cough syrup and depression medication lay on the floor next to him. He was passed out on the floor. She burst through the door, screaming his name. She called for an ambulance and cried, holding him. He was her everything, and she was his. But he hadn’t thought too much about consequences, when everyone was making him think he was…[Read more]

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    His delicate fingers danced across the stripes. black and white, black and white. A chord here, a note there. His eyes sparkled with love and passion and focus. I was standing next to him, but he wasn’t even in the same universe with me. He was in the galaxy of passion and the planet of music. He looked at that piano while he played like a…[Read more]

  • We were meant to meet each other. It must have been made certain in a previous life. The way you get my humor, the way i can trust you, and i’d take a bullet for any of you. These people are more than my best friends. These people are my reason for life, and I don’t know how I lived without them. I was destined to meet them.

  • Secrets spill from your lips like Niagra Falls, and I can’t help to wonder. Why me? You’ve given me the sacred key to your soul, all your faults and all your fears. Your darkest secrets slip through my ears, and I see you transform into something hideously beautiful. Your faults make me love you more. I’m not alone, everyone has secrets. Even the…[Read more]

  • One minute, I was standing on the edge. On the roof. Looking over the city I’d lived in since I was playing hopscotch with my friends and when the world’s faults were things I was too little to notice. When I had friends. And then, I slipped. Or did I jump? Is there a difference? The world wanted me gone, I wanted the world to be gone. Then I was…[Read more]

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    I want so badly. To tell you. How much I love him. He’s my everything. But you’d never listen. The words “there’s this boy.” would set you off. But why? you know him. You like him. I know I’m young, But I love him so much. It’s the story, the boy and the girl who were best friends. They fell in love. I’ve known him for three years. If you’d only…[Read more]

  • Do the chores. Do homework. Be a good girlfriend. Be a good friend. Practice for band. Practice for drumline. Memorize your music. Work on your marching. Go to the gym. Find a good college. Get to bed on time. Go to church. Stop drinking so much coffee. Eat healthier. Read your scriptures. Make some time to hang out with friends. Spend time with…[Read more]

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    Music is more than a sound. Music is every expression ever felt by anyone anywhere, singing you to sleep, and making you think of the things, the people, who make you happy. Such simple sounds, layered with beautiful lyrics, that what you are to me. Music. Not sound.

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    I must get good grades. I must go to church. I must follow rules. I must get in shape. I must practice my instrument. I must clean my room. I must do what I’m told, and forget what I feel is right.
    Or do I?

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    He was playing a game. She waited for him to return, to love her, to remember and appreciate her. And he did. But he was playing a game. He didn’t love her, but she thought he did. She was caught up in his game, a never ending chain of heartbreak.