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    She screamed at the top of her lungs for them to listen. Her long bony finger pointing behind them. The doctors all thought the old woman had lost what mind she had left. Muttering and crying about monsters.

    Was she unstable or could they just not see what really lurked in the shadows.

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    They seemed all innocent at the beginning. Even their teeth didn’t hurt. But that wasn’t the case at all. Mostly nurture, but Ray just wasn’t a good father. Thought that meanness and violence was the way to approach the world.

  • there is no certainty in my decision
    there is no certainty in this ending
    even though you said there is
    i am still uncertain
    i know with all certainty that i loved you
    that i love you
    that i once did and always will love you in at least one degree
    that you gave me the greatest gift,
    which was learning how to love me.

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    The pattern of blood on the wall almost looked like art. Human art. The detective tried to detach his emotions from what he was seeing. He had to be objective and observant. Almost an admirer of this distinct artwork to catch the artist before it happened again.

  • how can girls be so malicous
    so ficticous
    so vindictive
    towards girls they hope to call sisters
    how can girls not act like what they say they believe in
    make promises they can’t pull through in
    get a guys hopes up and then leave him

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    The war vet sat on the park bench. He watched the new recruits march by and chant their cadences. He remembered those days of being young and having little fear.

  • i slept for 5 hours and felt fine
    i’ve slept for 12 hours and woken up dazed and confused
    i’ve slept over your calls
    and your calls
    and your calls
    and awoken to you at my door
    it was the best sleep
    where my dreams manifested into your appearance

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    She was the wall beside me,
    around me,
    everywhere I took myself to.
    She became the pavement
    my tears fell onto,
    she was the drops of the fountain
    that sprayed me.
    She was and she
    became everyone I talked to.
    Soon, she was no more, but all I saw.

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    my worries are like fields stretching as far as the eye can see
    you are the reaper of my fields
    you work hard day and night
    in the rain and the burning sun
    you yank from the roots
    you till my land
    you open me up for better things

  • i cant

    i dont even want to anymore

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  • in stead of looking at how far we’ve come
    we look at how far we have left to go
    i mean why is a life a staircase you have to go up anyway
    anyone whos lived can tell you the path isn’t going to be straight and narrow

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    The ones that make your stomach hurt. It reaches your eyes and mine. It’s dizzying how good it feels. You make ma forget everything whole. For a moment, we are whole. It comes in equal waves, these moments to match the bad. They are everywhere. Sometimes I lose sight of them, so you take my hand and guide me here. But I can’t find you these days.…[Read more]

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    Today, my heart had wings for two seconds, and I had the faint feeling of may-be-we-could-be, this hopeful yet absolutely hopeless hope. I thought for 2 seconds about him. But I know I am the dull craters while he is the moon. I am nothing in comparison. And my heart became still again.

  • i thought i’d be a good enough influence
    i thought all that i could do well would rub off on you
    i figured when we started becoming each other, you’d take the best parts of me
    i thought our minds would get on the same track
    walk at the same pace
    hum to the same tune
    but we’re not there yet

  • when i finally put the pieces together
    the me between two bouts of her together
    the fact that we were never supposed to be together
    being cheated on stings at least a little bit forever

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    I look on,
    There’s no gazing here.
    No dreamy eyes or rueful wishing.
    Everything is still.
    Not glazed over or
    romantic in any way.
    They look at me funny as I stand there,
    pretend dreaming,
    walking past me
    my past before me
    and behind me
    tearing into me
    keeping me still and