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    Dear You,
    You almost got away with all of me. I am not talking about petty theft but more like grand larceny. You arent invisible, or something like a spirit. See you, who almost got a way with me, were an egotistical man. A man running after my innocence, my kindness, my happiness..and much faster than it.. See..i didnt think id give it up so quick, to you who almost got away with all of me. You’re something like a kleptomaniac, stealing subconsciously..because you who took it, dont even know that you have it! The entire time, im scream and im yelling..but you dont even know that you have it!
    I cant believe you almost got away with me…under your arm, in a plastic bag. Walking ever so carelessly like you own it.
    For the longest time I was hateful, I was angry as i seen you walking by with all of me…as i sat back and watched!
    Soon i realized, nobody can handle my pressure, my thoughts, my beauty, my wisdom, and treat me as i am theirs. These are mine for a reason, and you cant have them unless i GIVE them to you..and that is something i wont do!

    All of ME