• Kelly commented on the post, instructions 6 years, 11 months ago

    Instructions should be the first thing one reads, its like learning from other people’s mistakes, it can save you time, where you can further the knowledge on the endeavor you’re undertaking instead of committing […]

  • Kelly commented on the post, configuration 6 years, 12 months ago

    The configurations she had made were supposed to be flawless. Their flight depended on it. Weight was the most important thing in an air ship. So why was the nose of the ship dipping so ominously down. At this […]

  • Kelly commented on the post, minute 7 years ago

    A lot can change in one minute. Food can be microwaved, a plot twist in your favorite show, or getting attacked by dive bombing beetles. A minute can be sad or happy, and a minute can change your whole life.

  • Kelly commented on the post, fractures 7 years ago

    Fractures can be created in any form. Physically, in bones, like when my friend and I raced down the road after our fellow scouts. The girl we ran after was in a wheelchair, but in her first 5k ever. We were so […]