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    Go forth. Go forth and make something of yourself. Go forth and seek answers to questions you’ve always wondered. Do something unexpected. Strive to be the best. Go forth and make today your day. Create. Destroy. […]

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    I will take charge of this situation. i will take matters into my own hands. I will show you that i am in charge here, and that my opinion matters too. I will let you know exactly what I am thinking. I am in […]

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    i was raised to be wholesome. truthful. Real. I was raised speak my mind but hold my tongue. i was raised to think for myself and be my own person. I was raised to hold my own. I was raised to be strong. I was […]

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    if i make my entrance, would you notice? if i slammed doors, fell to the floor, dropped my bag and covered my face with my hands in a look of absolute defeat, would you see? would you see how much pain i’m in? or […]