• Yusei was fleet of foot, if he made a break for it now he could probably out pace Ushio and get away scot-free. But he was curious about what the officer wanted to talk to him about. It wasn’t like they had ever really been on the best of terms. Things between them were tense at best.

    He followed the man inside and looked around. It seemed… Nice.

  • The place where Ushio lived was an unknown factor to Yusei, but it looked like it wouldn’t be for much longer.

    The teen followed the officer indoors. They walked up a couple flights of stairs and down a short hallway, then the man opened up a worn white wooden door with a shiny metal key. It didn’t creak when the door opened, Ushio must keep…[Read more]

  • Yusei supposed he should be joyful or something since Ushio wasn’t taking him to jail. He really didn’t want to have to explain things to his friends, not to mention they couldn’t afford the bail. He was doing the commissions for a reason, after all.

    Ushio stopped in front of a normal apartment building, inside a normal parking space that had…[Read more]

  • They weren’t exactly the cutest couple on the road, but no one was really paying them any mind.

    When they stopped at a red light Yusei finally spoke up. “Where are we going? This isn’t the way to the police station.”
    “My shift had just ended when I found you, so we’re going to my place to talk.”

    Yusei stared at the back of…[Read more]

  • Neither man smiled as Yusei pulled up his pants and fixed his shirt, all without breaking their eye contact.

    Ushio’s hands formed loose fists as he thought of what to say, but nothing was coming to mind.
    Yusei didn’t make any suggestions either.

    Without a word the pair exited the alley and got on Ushio’s motorbike. The engine roared a…[Read more]

  • What Yusei derived from the look in Ushio’s eyes was that the man wasn’t going to arrest him…yet. But the officer was definitely not pleased.

    Yusei mentally sighed. He didn’t want anyone he knew to know about his commissions, and certainly not one who worked for the law. Blue and brown gazes met.

  • He couldn’t claim to have any heartfelt feelings for the younger man, but when he saw Yusei Fudo in the alley, waiting to sell his body, Ushio didn’t feel that he could keep his nose out of it.

    He flashed his badge, which predictably scared away the buyer, then turned his attention to the proud duelist whose back was still straight even after…[Read more]

  • He called them commissions. He did them whenever money got tight.

    He went to the bad side of town, as if there was really a good side to it, then offered himself up as entertainment to whoever was willing to pay.

    Sometimes he was paid to fight, other times to work, still though…most often it was for sex.

    This was one of the sex commissions.

  • The level of silence was deafening as the two teenaged boys faced off. Their classmates didn’t dare make a sound. Yugi rolled his eyes and loudly clapped his hands, breaking the spell.

    There were a few startled screams and one boy fell out of the seat he had been on the edge off. Ryuji and Seto both looked away from each other to gaze at…[Read more]

  • The bandanna Wolf leveled his gaze with Yusei’s, then his eyes widened. He saw no glimmer of recognition there. “You really lost your memory, haven’t you?”

    “I don’t remember much before waking up in that alley.”

    Jack stiffened when he heard that. This was becoming even stranger than it already was. What was up with these unusual Werew…[Read more]

  • The boy’s stress levels have been through the roof for days. The reason was sad but understandable.

    Some kind of gang, or rather an underworld organization since these people were beyond the mere status of gang, had kidnapped him and his mother.
    The reason for that was also simple.

    It wasn’t because they were rich or anything like that.…[Read more]

  • The danger level wasn’t too high, so to speak, but Satoshi knew he was going to have to be careful all the same. These were wild Bulbasaur and they may think a Solar Beam was the right way to deal with a strange human in their territory.

    He made his way through the brush, staying as silent as possible, but then he heard the snap of a…[Read more]

  • The 1st year counselor chimed in at that moment. “Jaganshi-kun this level of disobedience is concerning. Has something happened recently, perhaps at home?”

    Hiei’s dual-colored eyes narrowed. “No,” he said in a tone that made it clear that he thought the counselors were all morons. “Home is fine.”

    Kurama wanted to put a hand over his…[Read more]

  • Akari raised her level of volume each time she said Hikaru’s name until she finally got his attention. Her friend blinked and shook his head as if he had been in a daze. His mint green eyes that had been empty and faraway regained their life. He glanced up at her.

    “Oh, sorry.” He scratched the back of his neck. “I think I was day…[Read more]

  • Suddenly, Thunder Shield leveled a wing in front of the girls. “Step back. When I give the signal, run.”

    Peach Paradise whimpered but nodded. Docket dug in her hooves, ready to run, and nodded as well. “I’ll look after Peachy, Uncle Thunder, don’t worry.”
    “I’m depending on you,” he responded with a twinkle in green eyes.

    There was a…[Read more]

  • He tries to level his breathing. He wants this, he wants it to continue beyond this point. Seto swallows and mentally steels himself once more. He can do this.

    Jounouchi’s fingers slide down to his hips and begin to massage in gentle circles. “You okay there?”
    “Shut up and keep going.”

    The blond chuckles. “Yes, sir.”

  • Yusei walked himself out. Not long after Ushio got a buzz on his radio.

    “Heya, Ushio, this is Tanaka. I’m getting the camera back up and rolling.”

    The man rolled his eyes and collapsed back onto the interrogation chair. Until he was officially placed on the new task force he still had to deal with these guys. “I hear ya.”

  • Yusei, clean and clothed, was waiting patiently when Ushio returned. The officer didn’t have a single excuse to utter for his inconsiderate behavior, no matter how excited he had been.

    Yusei just shrugged when the man tried to speak. “It’s not a problem. Was I able to help?”
    “Yeah, a lot. The precinct apologizes for inconveniencing you.”

  • The last place the Grate Bread trucks had been spotted had been by a rundown church. With this new location an interesting pattern could be seen. “Good job, Ushio! I’ll have someone put on this immediately.”

    “Can I get in on that, Chief?”
    “Sure can, get geared up. Did you discharge the guy you got this from?”
    “Not yet…”
    “Do that first, dummy.”

  • It was unusual for the captain to be welcoming of interruptions, especially from Ushio, but the woman took an exception to it this time.

    “Details, Ushio, now!” She tossed away the cold coffee she had been nursing as she poured over case files. Ushio strode up to her desk and explained what he had learned from Yusei on an unrelated case.