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    girlanachronism23 - - "He used to see my fear and doubt and hold me till it went away. He traced fingers on my back, kissed my hair, pressed his feet on mine and told me the reasons why he loved a fucked up girl like me. I felt safe. I felt loved. It felt right. He offered the promise of being the one constant in my life and the person I could depend on when I felt vulnerable. I fell for his charm and caring demeanor that seemed to go hand in hand with his love for me. He always treated me like I was precious to him and that he wouldn’t be careless with my emotions. He told me he would do anything to put a smile on my pretty face, and I believed him because he always tried and despite the hurt I buried inside – he could succeed. Not because he said the right things or made everything better, but because of the simple fact, that he wanted to try. But everything has changed since then. And my fear of abandonment and broken trust amplifies; knowing that he is no longer a constant in my […]"View
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    sunjaden - - "I feel that we not often enough take a step back when we are outside and notice the little things in life. How the leaves smell in autumn, how different sunsets look in different seasons, or how the clouds can make a picture. If each of us were to take advantage of the beauty that is all around us I think we would all be able to deal with the daily negatives of life that assaults our soul […]"View
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    sirenseranade - - "No one really uses oneword. And it breaks my […]"View
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    emilybones - - "I wish another word besides “Secure” would come up considering I’ve answered it seven times […]"View
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