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    In the stillness of the aftermath, she could only hear her heart beating. Louder, and louder. Like some distant drum. Maybe it was calling her home. Maybe it was encouraging her to dance. She knelt on the ground and listened. Somewhere, high above, a bird sang out and she couldn’t tell if it was a cry of desperation or hope.

  • Samantha commented on the post, values 5 years, 11 months ago

    Value are such an interesting thing. They change so frequently. Sometimes I sit an wonder how my values would be changed if I had grown up in a different state, in a home that wasn’t broken, or with another family entirely. Yeah, values are weird.

  • Reconstruction always begins slowly. It’s like the seasons changing. The winter has to melt away, the sun has to start warming the Earth again. Hope has to grow and be new. Otherwise, nothing else can grow.

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    They sit around and talk of nothings. Empty spaces where words should be. Fools in academic clothing. Nothing ever said or done. Not truly. Progress lost for sake of words. Progress made for sake of loss. Somewhere, new fools rise. Fools, or champions?

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    Desolation, isolation. Barren fields that were once full of hopes and dreams now diminished and full only of squalor. This is the wreckage and aftermath. Someday soon, a child will come along and plant a lonely seed. Just a tiny seed of hope. But that seed will be the only chance of saving anything.

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    The secluded room was quiet, just what the doctor order. By doctor, of course she meant editor. Less than twelve hours left before her deadline. 12 more hours of insanity before just could breathe and rest again. She looked out the window at the softly falling snow before once again, sitting at her laptop to stare at the screen.

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    The neon sign flickered in the window. I paused. It wasn’t that the store looked bad it was just… more sketchy than I would have liked. Still, I took a deep breath and pushed open the door. A small bell dinged and the girl at the counter looked up at me with a face that screamed bored. “Welcome to Brookfields Bookfields. How can I help you?”

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    “You’re so oblique!” she shouted, storming off in a rage. I sat there quietly. There wasn’t anything for me to say, nothing I could do to lessen her pain as much as I might want to. The worst part was that the way she thought of me was so very far from the truth.

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    I delve deeper into my memories, immediately wishing I hadn’t. Have you ever had the feeling you know the way something is going to end? Even then I knew. Though, of course, hindsight is 20/20 and the visions we sometimes have of the future are always a bit cloudy.

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    The illusion shattered, crashing around her feet. Nothing would ever again be as it once was, who knows what it could be. Shattered like glass and the fragile dreams she has set for her future. Gone. In one swift motion, not unlike a bandaid being ripped away from an already hurting heart, tearing away bits of skin that were in the process of mending.

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    The alcohol spilled onto the table, and her eyes immediately filled with tears. “I’m so sorry,” she whispered, half cowering into a tiny shell. The other girl looked at her with large, concerned eyes, taking the hands that were already springing to action into an embrace. “Listen to me, you have nothing to be sorry for. Okay?” A soft answer was…[Read more]

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    All she wants is to breathe. Fresh air, not the disinfected pumped oxygen that they called air here. Even in the “garden” the air was the same stale, near death air. She wanted to climb all the way into the stratosphere and breathe every bit of air on the way down. She could imagine it.
    No parachute, just complete free fall. Everything blowing…[Read more]

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    She clout the hard dirt with the heavy rake. She had been at it all day and barely had a half acre finished. She wanted to sob, knowing that at this rate she would never have a crop planted in time. But she pushed on, working even harder. Her hands blistered and dirty, her legs weary as she returned to the house well after dark.

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    She placed the wafer in her mouth, sucking on the dry cracker. Body of the Christ. Jesus Christ… She steps into the booth, kneeling as she hears the small door slide open. “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” Sinned, and sinned again. Her life was a sin. One man after the other. My the Virgin Mary forgive her for not following suit, following…[Read more]

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    If I were to do a casting call on my life. I could place nearly all. That girl would be her, and he would be the guy from work. I might, with a little difficulty be able to cast myself. But how could I ever find some one to play you? Who could look, talk, and act like you? Who could have that laugh or that smile? Who could make my heart beat just…[Read more]

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    Peas. Green and gooey crushed peas. All over him as he catapults them across the room at his father. His father, a beautiful mess. Disheveled hair, grey t shirt with bits of peas on them, and boxers. They both smile the same mischievous smile as I walk in on the scene. How could I be mad when all I can see is a perfect family.

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    Flowers falling slowly with the lazy wind. Blossoms float in the open window past the sheer white curtains. A lullaby is being hummed quietly. All a hazy memory as he looks around the scorched room. So much destruction and death. The war has taken so much from so many, but he feels as though he has lost the most. He can hear his mother calling…[Read more]

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    Laptop in hand she signed onto Facebook, just like any normal day. Continued with the normalcy, she searched through the list of online friends looking for that holy, unholy green dot by that holy, unholy name. Is this green dot a go ahead, or should it be red like a warning to slow down and think. She take a breath and types a simple message…[Read more]

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    He signed it. She met him. He shook her hand. Wow… She clutches the book to her chest turning in circles. To meet the man who writes the men of her dreams. And he smiled at her when she blushed and stumbled over her own names.
    “With love, Lyndon James.”

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    They say birds use the airstream to glide over vast distances with ease. I wish I could do that some days, because the distance between you and me is heart-breakingly far and I don’t have wings that allow me to glide across the airstream to meet you. And the distance between our bodies isn’t whats so far, its really the distance between our hearts.