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    “Why so sad my dear?” the clown asked with a frown on his face. “Happiness is overrated, everyone knows that even you, mr clown.” I replied. He was about to say I was too young to be viewing the world this way and I walked away from him as if to say “save it, I have heard it all before.”

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    This isn’t a love story****

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    My hair was withering away. I had a disease that was killing me from the inside out. I knew I wasn’t going to make it. However, I was ready to go. I learned I had cancer four years ago. I was a freshman in high school. I joined the drama club and I was making new friends. During sophomore year I was getting better. I had beautiful hair the color…[Read more]

  • It was a wave that came over me so quickly I couldn’t compose myself. Lethargic in the water, I was. Another wave rolls over me, again and again I can’t find the strength.

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    Like a sniper
    He shot my heart
    A clean shot
    A bullet though me

    Blood leaks out
    Like the love that once was
    His desire for me
    Is no more

    Just as I am
    No more
    like a sniper
    He shot my heart

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    I was sitting alone. I had time to think. Thoughts that couldn’t be stolen. I played a beautiful song in my head that no one else heard.

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    I was getting away. I raced until I came to the end of the cliff. I lost my footing and fell to my death.

    how did I end up running to my death? good question. I was running away from someone. a man. no, he wasn’t gonna rape me. he wanted to steal the necklace that hung around my neck. a simple silver chain. he didn’t want to sell it he wanted…[Read more]

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    They rallied us all together. To sit down and have a talk. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t like to talk. I knew what this was about. It was about our group. We were the killers. The people who sat around and planned for the moment. The moment we would set you free. We wanted to kill. Not for the sake of a rush but with a purpose. Our purpose was…[Read more]

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    I secluded myself in my room. I am having a ruff day, and needed to be by myself. I completely forgot my locker combination, leaving my phone locked in until tomorrow. I have a five page biology packet and art study guide due. Finals are next week, too. I can’t read my book until my mom comes home because I left it in her car.
    You’re probably…[Read more]

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    I ran. and then kept running. not sure where to go. when i landed on the metro subway platform. looking and waiting to get on the next one. i wanted to get away. away from everything i knew, i was breaking free, like a bird having its first flight. i stand for at least ten minutes before i decide to sit down. randomly, as if in a row, people…[Read more]

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    i smudged my eyeliner. i usually don’t wear makeup. but, i feel like it today. why? why do girls just have this feeling to look a certain way? something, that i may never understand… i get in my beat up neon and drive to school. i get these weird glances from people in my grade whom i don’t talk to. but, i keep walking anyways. my friend tells…[Read more]

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    I made a wall around me, made of bricks. in the metaphorical sense, of course. i have had enough of this “being open” with everyone. once you tell them your deepest secrets, they can’t be taken back. i unfortunately, learned that the hard way. i dont have many friends, most of them are fake people. but the friends i have…had… i thought i could…[Read more]

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    no one knew the truth. not even him, the one started the web of lies. because he wanted no one to find the truth. he was a liar, everyone knew it.
    it was the middle of June, we soaked up the lucious sun, and smelled the fresh flowers. we walked along the beach of our summer home. then we saw Fredrick swimming forcefully in the ocean, crashing…[Read more]

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    i always try to look up at the road ahead. but, like most things, it isn’t easy. many people tell me i am a positive person, always smiling. but do they know what is underneath. no, however, they could never have told anyways. i battled with this depression for awhile. it was after, my close grandmother died. she gave me a set of pearls to always…[Read more]

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    i visit her, like i do every sunday after church. i know she won’t wake up but i always hope she will. she lays there, her chest rising and falling down again. i love to comb her long hair, gray but still in breath taking curls like it always is. i talk to her fill her in on town gossip and such. i let the sunlight flood in and sit waiting for her…[Read more]

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    this was the speech of my lifetime. this is the one no one could or would forget, ever. I was putting everything on the line through a few paragraphs. I was telling them my story, my thoughts on our world, and my point of few on everything in general. this was my last moment before everyone would know my secrets and start to judge me. I didn’t…[Read more]

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    i have become a master at moving on. i have hardships in my life like anyone has. sure they get bigger as life goes on, for example, writing essays in 5th grade and fitting in at high school.and now here i am moving on once again over you.

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    did u understand the amount of hurt that surged through my veins the moment I saw you kiss her passionately? no….no u didn’t because that is just who you are a heartless bastard. so I sit alone and wonder if I am ever meant to be with someone who loves me faithfully….siting in the coffee shop eating my almond scone drinking my mocha frappé.…[Read more]

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    i took my bike out into the vineyard, sat down and cried. waited, cried some more, and ran my hands through the soil. why was i upset? i got upset because that is what happens when someone lies…not even just a small lie. it has to be the biggest lie that can turn your world upside down. my fiance has a cancer that he might not overcome. why am i…[Read more]

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    Why now? i ask Sam.
    i am falling in love and now he is on his knee right now. And i’ve only known him for a few months. I am in love but i don’t see what he sees in me. i am nothing special. i am not different.
    Because i want you to be mine before it’s too late. Your special more than you realise. Your funny, and smart…and you have the…[Read more]