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    Fishing for the words to describe how I’m feeling. I don’t believe my feelings are completely reasonable and it drives me crazy. I feel compelled to find the right words, but I can’t and it infuriates me. So I continue to fish in the swirls of my mind.

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    She takes a souvenir from every place she goes. Not something from a gift shop or tourist spot like most people though. She likes to bring back pictures of interesting people she sees. She won’t speak to them, but she loves to collect their image in her photo book. She promises to remember them forever.

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    In the grove I will live, hidden in nature. I will grow with the animals and trees. Sometimes I will have travelers visit and I will help them carry on their quest.

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    I want to create the place where the story happens. I want to create the buildings, the important hiding spot for the 5 year old run away, and the tree where the couple has there first kiss. My brother always wants to make the story, have his character grow and change in a display of magnificence. I just want to create the atmosphere.

  • I want to be his accomplice in crime, and him mine. We shall go about are way, not particularly caring for whether we are actually committing crimes, because who needs to break the law when you have great company to enjoy?

  • I’m not afraid to apologize, but I will never fake one. I won’t apologize for my opinion, but I will apologize if I offend yours. It’s not good to always be sorry, you need to know when to stand your ground or admit you made a mistake.

  • Everyone cheers for the underdog, but maybe he isn’t up there with the champions for a reason. At least that’s why Jack’s team was labeled the underdog wrongly. They weren’t good guys who would eventually win the game. They were sore losers who gave up and started to cheat and use drugs.

  • There is no snow to cover my footsteps, you can see every indent in the sun baked dirt. My life leaves a noticeable trace and sometimes I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing. It just is.

  • I will take up space, crowd your mind. Please do not push me out. OH, you say that there is no room for me? Too bad, I’m here with open arms. I will always to be here. Your head may be overcrowded, but it will be full of love.

  • Running away from responsibilities is always very tempting, but even if i did, like with procrastination, I still come back to it. Maybe I don’t even want to, or I’m forced, but a lot of time it is out of boredom. So so boring.

  • I visit the place in the back of my mind quite frequently. It welcomes me back with open arms, bright sun beams and the questions i dare to think about. If given all the time in the world to be here, though, i would still leave. The place in the back of my mind isn’t a place I should stay at long.

  • I stir the soup while staring into it, lost in thought about it. As the liquid swirled slowly, I wondered about the taste. Hopefully it would be good enough to be edible.

  • I only feel like I’m really living once in a while. Looking out into the world, I sometimes feel like I’m really apart of nature. That’s when I feel alive. In a world that clutters the brain with so much unimportant stuff, it’s hard to just feel free, like you are actually living. Only once in a while can I just let it all go.

  • I’m just another patient. I’m not perfect, and I definitely need help. Will you please be my doctor, helping me and saving me from my own insanity? From the truths I’ve created in my mind, you aren’t allowed, but I know you are outside of this reality, shining brightly and here to help me.

  • Secluded in her own little world, cut off from everyone else, she was finally happy. Nobody breaking into her privacy, invading her life and contaminating her thoughts. She was finally free, lost in her own day dream. Whether the outside world knew how content she was or not, she did not care. That would just have to deal with the catatonic body…[Read more]

  • When shown one thing, you may react this way, or some way I did not expect at all. Most of the time, you show me what I expect. But, my dear friend called Life, when you don’t, it usually bring me the most joy. I’d rather not expect the unexpected, as knowing is fun, but surprises are too. So, sometime soon, present me with another unexpected gift.

  • Laying her, looking up towards the sky, I thought. My mind jumped from one topic to another, from that nice person I met at school to how I was excited about the weekend. Up here, on the roof, my mind liked to run on overdrive. I didn’t mind though. It was relaxing.

  • It was all too simple, and as she stood there over the body, she listened. Blood dripped from her dagger and she hoped that was the only sound she was hearing, as being caught here was not an option.

  • Flying higher and higher, I saw the everything get smaller and smaller. The people, the houses, the trees. I stopped, so high I floated near a cloud.

    From up here, looking down on this world, I saw destruction.