• NuSol commented on the post, stunt 2 years, 9 months ago

    It began as just a way to get attention.
    To bury oneself in shock and awe.
    To finally stand out amongst the crowd of down gazers,
    noses plugged into whatever is happening
    anywhere but here.
    But your little stunt snapped them into the present.
    Like a tiny lightbulb flash.
    Making them have to actually come face-to-face with
    what they…[Read more]

  • NuSol commented on the post, recording 2 years, 10 months ago

    High up in the dusty attic.
    A box.
    Flaps weaved shut.
    Below the layers of newspaper clips from a better time.
    The final recording of his voice, his radio show,
    lie dormant.
    He worked his whole life to make them.
    Call it a feebile attempt to try an make something, anything, that could out last time.
    But a generation later,
    it is but a…[Read more]

  • NuSol commented on the post, driveway 2 years, 10 months ago

    They crawl across the dark living room wall,
    as if to be a gentle, almost ghostly warning shot
    that the hard conversation,
    the one that can’t be avoided,
    is about to explode
    as soon as he parks.
    The only thing standing in the way
    is a sullen walk up the driveway.

  • I am a resident of the hotel of love-
    And you are the one who gave me lease;
    I cannot leave
    It’s too addicting
    You’re always around
    And i’m always surrounded
    I’m never alone
    even if sometimes I feel alone
    But I know you’re there
    Not too far away.
    It’s a rollercoaster of emotions
    Trying to upkeep
    And keep it all glued together
    But I…[Read more]

  • All I hear anymore is a faint ringing-
    It haunts my brain
    It Haunts my soul, and inner being
    I can’t stop picking up signals
    It’s overwhelming
    but you,
    You’re right there in front on me
    A memory
    Or so it feels like
    But you’re real
    Standing tall
    With arms wide open-
    You tell me things are going to be okay;
    As you say i look…[Read more]

  • I almost had you-
    Things couldn’t have been more perfect
    then you had to go and FUCK it up
    I told you not to
    I can’t force you to want me
    and I am going to have to get over you.
    it’ll take time
    because I am so bitter towards you.
    because you chose someone else over me
    which makes me feel inferior
    and small
    and…[Read more]

  • Why in the FUCK do I always do this to myself-
    My mind is always thinking about shit, which makes me do dumb things.
    Like chase boys around for no reason,
    I’m so lonely all the time
    Where did this come from?
    What the hell happened-
    Always incomplete thoughts are what are in my head. They never seem to finish themselves..
    Fear and…[Read more]

  • today,
    I saw you in the mirror-
    and it brought back memories
    dear god i’ve missed you.
    I can’t believe you’re here!
    How’d you sneak in?
    i sit down in front of the mirror,
    and hold my hand out-
    you reach out
    and put yours into mine
    that feeling, in the pit of my stomach
    i have butterflies.
    i saw you, in the mirror
    then blinked, and saw me.

  • B commented on the post, pathway 3 years, 8 months ago

    Doing this is much harder than I thought – watching the EURO games and trying to think of something to write with this word.

    Carmel Pathways. That was the name of the homework organizer in HS, but now I’m thinking that was Carmel Connections, and Pathways was the name of it in Jr. High. Weird what info we remember, yeah?

  • You may not be able to see-
    But I can,
    Right through the blackness
    take my hand
    i’ll lead you
    and you can follow
    if you can
    just be still
    listen, breathe and feel the darkness
    It’s not so bad, is it?

  • All these noises
    All these sights
    They are all better with you by my side
    All these emotions
    All these feelings
    They are all better when I’m feeling them with you
    Our adventures will take us places
    To places that only people dream of
    Our time will come
    Let’s not worry about it, my dear
    Let’s enjoy what we get to hear
    Let’s enjoy what we…[Read more]

  • You cannot see me
    you cannot see yourself
    we cannot see each other
    we’re hiding where its safe and sound
    don’t cry darling, we will not be found
    just close your eyes, and breathe
    see what you want to see
    the lights are off
    we can go anywhere you want to, just tell me where
    take my hand, i’ll show you how easy it is to escape
    look where…[Read more]

  • NuSol commented on the post, weaving 5 years, 2 months ago

    it meshes,
    the men run in
    behind each other
    like a twisted
    game of follow the leader.
    they inch down the floor
    the bouncing ball sound
    just a bit off
    beat with the patter of their feet.
    three men,
    the same uniform,
    like the threads of a persian rug
    only halfway made.

  • Brandon Adams commented on the post, thirst 5 years, 4 months ago

    He sped down the highway, his top down, blaring the radio. A beautiful blonde stood just atop the hill, thumb extended. He slowed down casually and inspected her. The sun was shining off of her brilliant hair, sweat gleaming off of her. She was short, petite. Defenseless.
    “Awfully hot day to just be wondering the road. Want something to drink?”…[Read more]

  • mere commented on the post, dignity 5 years, 5 months ago

    I went to the general store and I handed him a two-penny piece. He asked what I wanted. I asked him what I could get for two cents. He said he’d give me my piece back if I told him a joke. I said it was nice outside.

  • B commented on the post, tutoring 5 years, 7 months ago

    tutoring always makes me think of the old Ball State tutoring office, which was one of the best jobs on campus, and were thus impossible to get. I didn’t try very hard to get an on campus job, and I really wish I had. It would’ve been a lot easier, and would’ve made the work/ study balance much easier.

  • B commented on the post, blurry 5 years, 7 months ago

    My vision is blurry in the morning if I don’t eat breakfast, and my patterns have been off since our engagement ended. I sleep much later, and working from home only feeds into that pattern. I’ve been skipping meals to the point that my body doesn’t always remember that it’s hungry. I need more regular sleep, and to eat as soon as I wake up.

  • B commented on the post, prank 5 years, 7 months ago

    I’ve never done a really great prank. The closest I’ve come is rickrolling my friends into going to meatspin.com (do not go there). I used to send things like, “hey our school just recruited the #3 QB in the country” and send a link that looked like ESPN, only to have them get meatspun. It’s been years since I’ve gotten my buddy with that. I might…[Read more]

  • NuSol commented on the post, severe 5 years, 9 months ago

    the pain cracked like lightning
    up his leg.
    the tears rolled into
    a soft whimper
    and a balled fist
    clinching a the bed rail
    for dear life.
    but he refused to scream out,
    refused to call out for help,
    refused to acknowledge
    the severe pain.