• Karolina commented on the post, tires 7 years, 9 months ago

    the tires are rolling away from me
    these tires are my friends.
    they roll and roll away until i cannot see them
    we’re all just tires.
    rolling away.

  • Karolina commented on the post, division 7 years, 11 months ago

    The division between us has gotten deeper and larger. We divide our thoughts, our feelings, and our memories. We divided our whole friendship.

  • Karolina commented on the post, poison 8 years ago

    you’re like poison to me.
    all i want to do is see you.
    think about you.
    touch you.
    and i know it will never happen
    because of her.
    your poison runs through my veins
    and it truly hurts.

  • Karolina commented on the post, succeed 8 years ago

    One thing I know for sure is that I am going to succeed in my writing endeavors. It’s the only thing that keeps me moving in life. I write about everything. My life, his life, her life, their lives. One day, you will see my name in bookstores and say to yourself, “man, she really […]

  • Karolina commented on the post, punishment 8 years ago

    This is form of punishment that you have put upon me.
    I was yours to hold, but remember this is what you chose.
    She won’t be there for you like I could have been.
    In other words, you put this punishment upon yourself.

  • Karolina commented on the post, near 8 years ago

    I was so near to you last week.
    Then you found someone else.
    You can’t really understand the way I feel.
    The way I fell for you.
    The way you chased me for four months.
    The way you make me feel.
    I’m sad that you chose her.
    It’s supposed to be me.