• She was a bit of a girlie-girl and a bit of a tom boy. As she got older she started to lean more to one side of the fence. She loved makeup, glitter, PINK, and boys. She just never found the love for Butterflies.

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    Hurry up and wait. Seems to be everyone’s motto these days. She thought the military was bad, well the civilian world wasn’t any better. Every turn they make is another “hurry up and wait” moment. And, frankly, she’s getting tired of it.

  • In her mind, he is her world. It’s overly cliche for her to think this way, but she does. He saved her when she needed it most, and for that, she is forever connected to him. Whether they’re in love, friends, or just acquaintances, he will always hold a huge chunk of her heart in […]

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    Pre-Approved for a credit card. Every young person gets excited when they start getting offers like that in the mail. They jumped at the opportunity, with no idea what they were getting themselves into. Slowly but surely they were digging deeper into debt. Sinking lower and lower until they couldn’t see the top.

  • She only had a driving permit. Her friend had a license, but she wasn’t old enough to make it legal. They both knew they were doing something wrong. They were having fun, they didn’t care. She drove illegally through the back roads, picking up more and more speed, becoming more and more dangerous. The radio […]

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    They were married, but they were still young. Dinner was not always cooked at home, in fact, more often than not it was brought home in a grease stained paper bag. There was nothing wrong with that. He had his favorite places, and she had hers. One place they both agreed was one of their […]

  • She had seen violence in her past, and was worried she would never escape it. When she first started dating him she kept him far away from her in order to save herself from any pain. He proved he was a man before society deemed him one. She let herself get close to him as […]

  • She always wanted to be a cheerleader. When the new school opened up and was holding open auditions, she was ecstatic. She talked her Mom into taking her to ABC school for try-outs, which wasn’t an easy feat considering how much it was going to cost. She had the highest of hopes, knowing it was […]

  • She’s always wanted a baby. Even at a younger age than she should have been wanting one. He wanted to wait, so they waited. And they waited, and waited some more. Now they are trying, but having no luck. She still wants a baby more than anything. Not being able to get pregnant, never expecting, […]

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    He always wore this one shirt. She hated the color but loved the way it looked on him. It was a maroon, tight, t-shirt.

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    They were just kids. Spending as much time outside playing as their parents would allow. They played with all the kids in the neighborhood, playing tag, cards, skateboarding, everything normal kids did. It was obvious they had a crush on each other, but they were both too shy to act on it. After all, they […]

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    They hadn’t seen each other in 8 months. He had been overseas serving his country, but not he was home. They didn’t want to waste a second, and they surely didn’t want to wait the 2 hours before they would be home. Lust was overtaking them. They made it home, but not by much.

  • They never thought they’d end up together in the end. They started dating when they were kids. No one would have predicted they would get married. They spent a year and a half apart, and realized they were meant to be together. When they got back together the first time, it was like nothing had […]

  • Their definition of dating wasn’t what you’d typically expect. They didn’t go on dates, they just hung out at home. Always. They’d spend the day together, sitting outside, playing card games, hanging out with friends, doing anything and everything, as long as they were together. One night it was raining. They were still outside, together. […]

  • They met when they were young. They both knew they had strong feelings for each other. It was obvious that they had dated other people before, but she didn’t expect to like his ex so much. She didn’t have much time to get to know her, and when she died, no one expected her to […]

  • He was already off at boot camp. She was back home, still in high school. She loved him with all her heart and everyone could see that. Her teacher knew there was something different about her, which lead her to take a special interest in her. Throughout her whole senior year, her teacher acted almost […]

  • They had the same teacher. They were in different class periods, but the same class. The teacher knew they were dating, and knew that their relationship was a little more advanced than it should have been at their age. She showed up with hickies on her neck one day. They were young and didn’t yet […]

  • There was a soundtrack to their dating days. Most of it was whatever was playing on the Country Radio Station. She would listen to the songs and analyze the words, while he would analyze her. There was a song about a painting that they loved. None of the songs were written for them. None fit […]

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    They used to listen to the radio constantly. They’d just hang out all day together with music playing in the background. No matter what they were doing, there was always music blaring from the speakers. Things changed over the years. Their radio hardly ever gets used anymore. They turned into a stereotypical couple who changed […]

  • She was fighting back tears. They knew it was going to happen, they’ve known for months, but that didn’t make it any easier. She helped him back his bags. They found everything on the list that he was suppose to bring with him. They packed his C-Bags, they packed his backpack, they packed everything. The […]