Lie down, let the stars glisten and shimmer down on you. Run, get wild, be free. Left and right, ropes and sticks, mallows and bonfire.

    Rough it out, experience life.

  • LAST INSTALLMENT OF THE BOY WHO LIVED. Just because I just finished watching it minutes ago. Scarred and rimmed boy versus he-who-must-not-be-named. Tickles your curious bone. Gives you a glimpse that leaves you wanting, longing for more. Within minutes, sometimes even seconds, you’ll be on the edge of your seat. Play, pause, rewind. Then, rewind […]

  • UNCERTAINTY ENDS UP BEING THE SPICE OF LIFE. I have never seen you before. I have never been here before. I have never imagined anything like this before. I never thought this day would come, but I chose to be a brave soul and risked it. That was the way things were before, until I […]

  • EASY WAY OUT. So much thought is put in making that one piece of scientific shiz. It’s meant to make our lives easier, sure. It could do this, it could do that. You don’t even have to drag your lazy a** out of your bed. It can do anything for you, sweet. I’d rather do […]


    One punchline after another. You’ve got to be kidding! Oh yeah, you are. Kudos, you are one contagious ball of hysteria. Spread the insanity, brotha!

  • JUST WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS STRONG, I WAS PROVEN WRONG. The pain is excruciating. It hurts in ways and places I never knew existed. It tears apart my heart, even soul, to the point that I wish I would not have known anything. I hate it, but it’s so real that I cannot merely […]


    Forgotten in the dark abyss of the past. Eventually, everything and/or anything will experience the same fate. It’s just a matter of time.